Power up strike event


Power up epic strike event is now live!
Good luck


Time to hang around a street corner. Looks like a long fight.


10 fights! At least with this one hopefully I’ll have a chance to get the first or second incubator even if I don’t make it to the end!

So close to my house @Heather


I would say time to take a portable chair, a hat/cap and a bottle of beer along with you :smiley:


That’s the sort of Epic tower I like!!!

Completed it with lvl 16 Stego and lvl 14 Stegoceratops. Had to chuck in my lvl 14 Pyroraptor for the final fight to finish it off.

Can’t remember what I got for the first 3 incubators, but the final one I got this:

9,789 coins
1899 Irritator Gen 2
2345 Nundasuchus
132 Irritator
301 Postosuchus
99 Gorgosuchus
153 Baryonyx

Basically in the fights you face Nundasuchus, Irritator Gen 2, Postsuchus, and something else I forget.


I only got ~50 Barry DNA.
Final reward sadly was lots of common and hybrid fuel, and~190 postimetrodon, and ~300 gorgosuchus


I got 95 posti
185 gorgo. Happy enough, will make my gorgo level 17.


Similar here, decent amount of posting and forgo, great as hardly ever get hybrid components for them


used level 24 indoraptor the whole event and still took like 20 minutes to beat it.


I used my level 25 indoraptor and it took 19 minutes :grin:


Well I used my level 26 indoraptor and it took 18 minutes :nail_care:t2:


on my 2nd account I used a level 44 and it took zero minutes :1st_place_medal:


I beat it today. ^^ It was a little hard, had two losses but 10th battle Charlie beat it for me all by herself. What a champ! I wish I could give her a treat because daaaaaaaaang, she killed all three with no help from any of my other dinos. She’s only level 10. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice, well done.
I beat it using only a lvl 19 stegodeus


Haha nice. I wish my Stego was that high of a level. My highest level is one I can’t remember the name of, it is an epic that looks like a cousin to the dimetrodon. She’s level 12 and she can’t wreck an entire team in this Strike Event. She tried. XD She failed but she did her best and that’s all that matters to me. <3

I need to walk around at night more so I can level up the raptors to wreck these teams better.


Got the 2nd mini incubator (taking my time… in no hurry)
200+ irritator (common)
30-40 irritator (rare)
30 postimetrodon

I’ll share more as I get them


Stegodeus that was meant to say😂
This one?

Never really used it, quite a rare spawn for me, and during park events always ignored it


Oh I see. Haha, I don’t have a Stegodeus yet, on my way to getting it. Will take a while. ;~; Stegosaur is only level 10 and low amount of dna atm and don’t have the other dino for it yet.

And yeah that is the one. I’ve gotten her DNA from incubators and I don’t remember if I’ve seen her in the wild other than maybe once or twice.

Slowly working my way in getting the better dinos/leveling my current ones. ^^;


For those who are interested in the details for the last 3 battles:


Ooo nice! Did you beat the 10th battle too? :3