Power ups return, how should I win?


As you are aware power up is back, I love this event as it allows me to get some rare and epic dna that I urgently need. I am confused, my tream has improved but should I use creatures in the team I have, and if they mostly work, which to use? You can also show you experience on this incubator.

This is my team


Check Metahub for strike event strategies.



So most of these creatures are defense shatters, some pretty quick (124-128) and others are mid tier speed (120-123). I use raptors because they are faster and distract with pounce. The pitfall is that some of these creatures have swap in strike. That priory damage may be enough to kill a weakened dino. I recommend using things that distract, nullify, stun, or just out damage the Dino’s you face.


I used postimetrodon (L21) and raptors (L20) Piece of cake.


Thanks for the advice, I don’t have that kind of levels so I’ll use what I have that’s close