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Praying for ankylo🙏


I’m a person (probably out if many people) who wants ankylosaurus as a fetured creature.

The reason for this is that I like the look and moveset of the rajankylosaurus! And I don’t have a ankylosaurus lvl 15 yet… don’t judge me!

So please Ludia, bring back the armored event! Because let’s face it: that event was awsome! But last time I just wen’t full out sicko mode on the sinos! For utarinex! But next time this event comes (hopefully soon) I will go for ankylosaurus!

Sooo is anyone with me? Does anyone agree? Let me know! :grinning:


Yes i agree but im saving all my ankylo for ankyntro so i can get tryko


I’d like another armor week for Anky. Gotta get my Rajakylosaurus up to 20 for Diorajasaur


It’s so tempting to give up my pipe dream of getting tryk dream and get raj.


I have used so much dna on rajanky and i regret it massively i should of saved it all for tryko


10 ankylo events !!!


I want ankylosaurus DNA. I want kentrosaurus DNA. I want that super spikey love child of thiers.

Don’t care about the other one. I want and ankylosauride with spikes and thagomizers on it.

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