Pre 1.8 anxiety 😬 share your thoughts!

Am I the only one kinda anxious about 1.8? :joy:

My main worry is edmontoguanadon… I wanted an achievable project and took her to lvl 29, now im worried that she’ll get a hybrid :tired_face::joy: I know, it’s sort of expected… BUT she’s so awesome, I didn’t resist :joy::joy:


What’s your reason to be anxious/excited/worried about 1.8? :thinking:

Just a thread for us to be able to share thoughts and ideas :slight_smile:


Anxious: More bugs
Excited: Finally a Tany hybrid?
Worried: More bugs


@GPx the bug infestation seems to be a recurring problem :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:

let me be inspired by your post: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

anxious: more bugs
excited: S7 AR back
worried: less 1.7/1.6/1.5 fixes than i would like.

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I’m worried they don’t fix compatibility for IPhone 6, dumb stuff won’t get balanced in arena, and that they might add crit and armor boosts.

I hope for many, many bug fixes


I’m hoping that they don’t nerf Stgydaryx more


And also nerf monomimus’ move set next
You know, it gonna turn to

Side step
Long dodge
Evasive stance

Ludia is just gonna do that


I am worried they will just nerf stuff like Kapro, Utasino while leaving Utarinex too weak unless it’s used as a swapper (I’ll just go the Diloracheirus way if Utarinex doesn’t get a buff in that case), Giraffatitan (because nobody asked for the nerf but they could do it anyway), Erlidominus, or Tenontorex. Heck they might even nerf monomimus again, though I don’t own one so I’m not that anxious about it. Meanwhile, Dracocera will probably be buffed to troll everyone.

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I’m afraid Ludia will continue to put making a buck before delivering a good product.


I mean, think about Gorgosuchus and megalosuchus, those good ol days Gorgosuchus was better, there are only some ways megalosuchus are better than Gorgosuchus, it may be like that for edmontoguanodon, you can still use edmontoguanodon and it’s hybrid at the same time on your team

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Worried it won’t work on my iPhone 6 at all. After 1.7 it’s been a very aggravating experience.


@Mattylus thank you for that thought :slight_smile: It had not crossed my mind! Youre right

Never let F.O.M.O. stop you from a project with a dino you love
You do not benefit from trying to be smart and stockpile DNA just in case…
Remember Ludia has never brought a hybrid of Legendary or Unique status into the game that you could level up several times, minutes after getting the update. Koolabourgiana, before anyone mentions, does not count since it was a hybrid component the moment it was released.

Every new dino is locked behind something when it releases. Super rare spawns like Darwin, Arena only DNA you can’t have that much of, ect…

It’s the second component that will “get you”. Most likely, you’ll have plenty of time to stock pile more Edmontoguanodon DNA by the time you have enough of what ever the second part is.


@Fedora you are 100% correct and I can only thank you for those encouraging words :raised_hands::sob: from the moment it was rumored that iguano and edmonto were getting a hybrid I started gathering them in preparation for edmontoguanadon, so this really has been a really fun project for me!
Thank you again :grin:

thor nerf?
:speak_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil:


@AndreMR oh boy :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl: not sure how I’d feel about that hahah

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  • Them overbuffing stuff like Trykosaurus or just not nerfing stuff that is long overdue for a nerf (all the broken stuff aka “Tyrants” except Erlikospyx and Magnapyrritor)
  • Nerfing stuff like Tarbosaurus, Monomimus and Nodosaurus


  • buffing weaker creatures
  • arena balancing

What I expect:

  • Judging this patch… The worst

I’m worried that they are still operating under “Set it & Forget it” mode.

If 1.8 is just more hybrids and the usual new stuff we always see, I will be done with JWA and will have to find another game to hold me over till September 13.


the draco2 nerf had a compensation, basically changed the used rat from draco2 to dracocera.

to nerf thor they would need to nerf allosino too, or they will be too close.

I’m using Utarinex. It’s way better than Diloracheirus. Diloracheirus is just too glassy in this boosts meta and has only 1x damage moves on first turn.

What I expect from 1.8?
Matchmaking fixed.
Useful new hybrids, not locked behind arena exclusive dinos.
Monomimus nerf. :grin:
Thor buff.
Fear of more bugs and even worse matchmaking.

In reality first two probably won’t happen. Last 3 are very likely to happen.