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Precision Creatures

I need a precision creature but not sure which ones are those and where to find them. Any ideas?

Precision creatures are dinos that have precise attacks/ counters.
Theres a decent amount. Purutaurus, carnotarkus, Blue, smiloceph, etc.
The jurassic world alive field guide app would be of great use. You can search for creatures based on a variety of options, move types being one.

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Don’t forget spxs

I don’t understand how to use the guide any tips

In the search bar type precise. It can be left on the default category for an alfabetcal list of what dinos have a precise (named) attack, or you can click the move category so ther are organized by what type of move they have.
Definite abilities might also work for the challenge, but I’m not entirely sure.

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What’s your team comp? Precise dinosaurs have a wide range of uses that can suit you.

Here are all creatures with Precise Rampage, Precise Pounce or Precise Shattering Counter.

There are lots of options you can choose from, smiloceph, smilonemys, Carnotarkus, spyx etc. Though personally I prefer spyx due to her debilitating distraction and lethal wound. Though diplovenator isn’t a bad option if your sick and tired of thoradolo’s and tryko’s.