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Predators Hunters are recruiting


We currently have a space or two available in our alliance - Predators Hunters. We would love to have someone who is active, participates in tournaments and wants to be part of a good group.

Ideally you will be above level 10, but we have taken on some lower level players recently and have helped them level up.

Use of Telegram is A MUST. We use it to chat outside of the game to coordinate raids and strategies (helping a low level player beat Mortem is one of the things we like to do), vote on sanctuaries etc. We also are linked to a top 50 alliance - so have lots of options for raids etc.

We are a friendly bunch and would like someone who is like minded and wants to succeed in the game to join us.

If this sounds like you let me know.

In game name SimonPH #4707

I look forward to chatting to you.

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I’m a new player very active in game, lvl 7, I have 800+ trophies but I help everyone, please help me to level up

Hi and thanks for replying. I thought I had responded to your message, so apologies about that.

We were full at the time but we’ve currently got 2 spaces as I have removed players for non tournament participation.

Being able to participate in the tournament is key for us to reach our targets (we only ask 10 takedowns each week rather than reaching 1000 points+ etc.)

We are also involved in shared sanctuaries so anyone slotting into these (level 20) will be removed as it messes up the coordination between the several alliances involved.

We are a relaxed group, but have some rules in place to keep us growing.

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Seems like I may have found my new home.
Quick recall of my current status: 4900 almost 5000 trophies.
My team is completely full of Uniques - with a fully boosted level 26 Thor, which is my main weapon in raids, and I already defeated 3 of the 4 Apexes with him. Do you guys defeat Apexes in a consistently basis?
Right now I’m in the #1 place in my alliances tournament.
My Apexes reward so far:
M-Rex 165/300.
Hadros 150/300.
Cera 40/300.

May I mention that I started playing in this year’s April (2020)? Why I’m looking for a new home? Well, I’m tired of working so hard and still got a poor reward - which happens a lot when 3/4 of the alliance just don’t care about tournaments, daily tasks, and growing strong.
So, give me a call, let’s see what we can do together.

Sounds good. Check the reply to your DM :+1:t4:

We still have 1 space available.

We’ve had another player join us and getting involved in raids etc. where their previous alliance didn’t participate much.

Please get in touch and we can discuss your joining us.

We have 2 level 20 sanctuaries (off limits for slotting in) and will hopefully be increasing that to 3 or 4.

We are growing and our players are enjoying the game much more (we can’t do anything about PvP I’m afraid! :crazy_face:)

Start 2021 the right way and be a part of something good.

Still have a space available.

New year. New alliance.

This alliance has helped me loads!! Lots of raids done each week!!

I’m interested, very active user, nivel 10 almost 11, looking for alliance in order to progress.

Hey Bruno. Thanks for the interest. We’re currently full again and are waiting on confirmation from one player (have another on the waiting list) as to whether they are going to join us.

If you don’t find a home with us I wish you the best in your next home.

We have a couple more openings if anyone is interested.