Predators Hunters is recruiting

Hi and thanks for stopping by!

We have some slots in our alliance and are looking to fill them with the right players.

If the following describes you then please drop me a line:

  • You are a daily player
  • You are looking to expand and grow
  • You want to be part of a friendly group that share ideas and strategies
  • You want to reach as high in the weekly missions and monthly tournaments as possible
  • You want to beat the raid bosses each week, every week.
  • You are able to join our Telegram group to chat with other alliance members

We ask for players to be online within 3 days (most other alliances ask for daily participation) and to complete a minimum 10 takedowns in the tournament each week (more is obviously better!).

Telegram is a must as it’s our preferred method of communicating with our alliance and other top alliance members.

We are hitting 9/8 in the weekly missions but with the right people joining us that could be 10/10.

We are not a hardcore alliance but do have some very active members and more of those are welcome.

We don’t have a limit in ‘x’ amount of trophies required, but you must be able to participate in the tournament. If you are below that level come back and see us when you have levelled up - we’d love to have you. :grinning:

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Where don I apply ? :slight_smile:

Can I join?

Messaged you both :grinning:

We still have slots available for those interested :grinning:

Hi I play loads but there’s not enough in my present alliance to get better rewards or do apex. Can I join you.

Sending you a PM