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Predict the Tournament

Thanks for the idea @Subxero11:eyes::+1:t3:

In this Thread, we could post assumptions or what we think could be the next Tournament from minor hints like social media uploads, in-game news, etc.

I’ll start - Rajasaurus Gen 2 next week. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Just kidding, just kidding… or am I? :pleading_face:


I want troodon tournament for next week

My candidates for next tournament because of camp cretaceous :
Parasaurolphus gen 2
Dimorphodon gen 2 (if he gets one)
Gallimimus gen 2 (if his gen 2 is a tournament)
Monolophosaurus (if his gen 2 is a tournament)

With if he gets one with dimorphodon i am not entirely sure if he would actually get a gen 2 since the camp cretaceous look almost similar to the normal dimorphodon. For monolophosaurus and gallimimus i say they could have regular gen 2s but almost every gen 2 creature is tournament so we have to wait and see

Edit : perhaps we have a camp cretaceous tournament month

Also with compys recent return in jurassic world alive it is only a matter of time till he arrives here as well

Battle stage unlock so unlikely

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Cries in no mention of pachyrinosaurus


I wish we had a brachiosaurus torney next

Yes. Also since ludia has updated the Brachiosaurus pack i think it’s probably Brachiosaurus that will return next

Parasaurolophus Gen 2 is the last tournament creature my son needs to unlock, not counting the upcoming Deinonychus, of course…

So, that’s where my hopes turn each weekend


I need troodon as well for the yudon hybrid

I think @Jurassic_Fury means that to guess from the picture of next tournament, not put down lists of future tourneys

My guess is the Ice bear in prep for a new ceno hybrid

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In which case I have just wasted 7000 LPs, 40,000K food and 1900 DB buying 3 copies … I shall choose to see it as head start not a waste. And we are due a Ceno or Aquatic from a tournament.