Predict what’s next for the VIP calendar

I think they should give away the forever locked Dinos.

If you’re playing 18+ months, it can’t conflict with why the locked them.

I can dream, right?


I am hopeful for a new building and more instant hatches.


Id love a VIp dino creation laboratory. Basically every 2 weeks to a month, it crrates a VIP dino of your choosing.

Other than that I’d love more packs, and more custom decorations.


I do like the looks of the custom decorations so far, unfortunately they are only for looks at this point. You would think something that was a single item after 12-18 months of waiting for it would have better stats than any of the regularly obtained VIP decorations. I mean it’s a single version that you can’t get more of, give them at least a 10% boost but really they should be on par with clock towers or better IMHO.

Not a big fan of the current packs as they seem to only have regular VIP buildings in them. Now if they were a version of the 20k or better packs that would be great.

Oooo a VIP LP building like the DNA building would be great where you could get up to 1,000 LP a day after charging it up a bunch of levels would be cool.

  1. Instant hatches

  2. @Sionsith 's Loyalty Point Building

  3. Usable (see @Sionsith 's point above) unique decorations

  4. More S-DNA slots and instant Fusions

  5. Certainly wouldn’t be opposed to @Timmah 's idea of unlocking locked creatures, although it would not benefit me, or @OstaposaurusBae 's VIP Creature Creation Laboratory. Would we get to chose? Or would that be part of the leveling process?

@Keith @Daven if the developers are in need of ideas, here’s a great place to start.


Well, there are quite a lot of VIP post-reshuffle players even here on the Forum. However that would kind of give the VIPs an unfair advantage over the free to play people. JWtG basically is that game where even by free to play you can get the similar progress as VIPs but just slower, imo the subscription shouldn’t create a divide causing certain players having unlocks and certain players not. The 50K VIPs don’t fit in that category since they have the same ferocity as 10K VIPs, but base unlocks being distributed only to paying members is a different situation. Rather than that they could just switch out the current Earth Shattering events periodically and have the currently non-unlockable Base creatures in rotation. I think all Post Reshuffle players deserve a chance at the unlocks. Just my opinion.


You’d get to choose from all of the VIP dinos. This way the VIP+ Dinos are more consistent to obtain outside of VIP tournaments and 50k packs, mitigating the riskier RNG 35k packs (that still offer weak rewards and no longer the guarantees that the dinos won’t be moved into the SG packs (Wuerho, Acro)).

It would just need a very long CD because of the power of VIP dinos. 2 weeks seems fair, maybe just 2 weeks for VIP+ dinos, and 1 week for base VIP dinos?


As a VIP member, I would absolutely love it if there were 50K VIP creatures in some of the months
If that is too much, atleast 10K VIP creatures should do
I would also love more S-DNA slots , instant fusions ( as what Andy said ) and instant hatcheries.
Sionsith’s LP building is in fact a genius idea right there, :clap: :clap:


I 100% agree. Its so annoying to me that ludia change the way you can unlock cretures because for people that start this game after this (including me) you just CAN’T unlock some cretures like veteran players that play this game since 2015 or 2016 and have them from the beggining. Its rediculous that i have level 99 and didnt have unlocked pyroraptor or tyrannotitan, wich are RARES. Ehh… i guess we need to wait SOME time before ludia give us chance to unlock something new…

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I wouldnt mind if they threw a couple vip plus packs in the mix of the new monthly benefits, would be much better than those packs that contain buildings and decos…

I’ve nearly unlocked the last one but cant see anything more on the calendar, hopefully we get an update for it soon.


A little more tan 19 hours…

Technically I guess they have another 30 days on top of that before we can receive the next award but it would be nice to see what is coming, and I hope the clock keeps going and doesn’t stop because they haven’t loaded the next reward in :eyes:


I think I’m a few minutes ahead of you, lol.


I think everyone is on the same refresh that are original and it is tied to the event rollover schedule…. Or at least I think that’s the case.


Ah, I thought your clock didn’t start until you accepted your previous prize. Good to know :thinking:

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So, my son’s account periodically refuses to recognize his VIP status and I have to reconnect his Apple Play account to his Jurassic World account. Lately, this has been increasingly agrivating. The long and short of it is he’s just over day-and-a-half behind my account


@Keith or @Daven sooooo……?


I feel slightly uneasy that theres no update to the calendar yet…


I am still a long way from that soooo :sweat_smile:

Hello everyone,
Though there seems to be an indication that there’d be new rewards to the VIP Center, the team confirmed there are currently no plans to extend the calendar past Month 18.
We sincerely apologize for the confusion.

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Well that is highly disappointing :disappointed:

So when will the “coming soon” be removed so that players understand that it ends at month 18?

I asked about it when they reshuffled the rewards and never got an answer and figured it would get fixed later with more rewards but the balance of the various items is skewed…

Only 3 instant recoveries and 4 instant hatches but 8 instant fuses seems all unbalanced. I just figured you guys would be working towards eight, eight, and eight over time but if you are not going to be adding more I would like to see these balanced to five, five, and five.