Predicting a surge of anky lux

As a non meta player, I’m having trouble coming up with counters for anky lux, who will inevitably have a huge surge soon… any tips? I’m tryin to think of something but i really can’t
(IndoT is a placeholder for bortcevia when I unlock her)

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And before anyone asks, I am NOT running sr3 NOR am I unlocking phorurex. I hate em both and I refuse to use em. ):<


A well boosted morty is a great counter for it. Don’t think mine has lost to a A.Lux yet.


Mortem is the best but Imperatosuchus can work really well too once you have it unlocked


im really hoping for a non apex counter. Should’ve clarified this

i think albertospinos can do some work here

his bleed + killer instinct paired with a large hp pool if u boost him ( dont reply for me saying its female for me albertospinos is male ) should be enought the problem is anky lux can hit you hard them swap to albertocevia or parasauthops to finish you

Thylaconyx - Am I a joke to you

Seriously it’s like the most awesome fierce ever with rending, Dot, and devour heals. It is the bomba.

Imperatosuchus is amazing as a Fierce and can use regular Heals. It has a similar DoT ability. Consider it as a better version of Thylaconyx.

I love them! I beat them with flocks every single day for fun! (It makes me feel good about myself)

I respect that.

Indotaurus is a good counter among those you have… Bleeding it is also an option. Snakes can do well against it

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@PyraandMythra hates thylaconyx too ;–;

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because a lvl 21 minimal boosted thylaconyx killed his level 30 boosted ankylodic so sorry another no

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Albertospinos I guess

Not a reality either unfortunately. Don’t want to build both bort hybrids

Guess Thor

Or IndoT can both counter

Spinocon does well enough with high hp.

Indot is pretty susceptible to getting stunned easily. Its not great, but can work.

Mortem would be an even better option.

There may be potential in grypolyth, but it gets pumbled by much of the current meta it may just be a liability.

albertospinos could also work, but i honestly dont know its play style to be sure.


Anky lux has his counters for example the ones listed above. The issue is that he just swaps out when you bring your counter in.

Mortem is by far the best counter, though Imperatosuchus might eventually surpass it.

Indotaurus is a close 3rd, but it’s a bit of a matter of mind games, as while Indo has a decent Stun resistance it can still be stunned, and if Indo can be KO’d by the Alert Strike, you’re opponent might anticipate Indo cloaking to avoid the Alert Strike and decide to use Resilient Rampage or Superiority Strike instead.

Spinoconstrictor can take it down but it needs to be pretty beefy to do it, which might affect its usefulness elsewhere.

Hydraboa can pull off a mutual KO at best.

Phorurex can only take Ankylos Lux down if Ankylos Lux has low enough health and its’ invincibility abilities aren’t active, or if it has Lethal Rampage and Run primed and ready to use. Otherwise it’s absolutely useless against Ankylos Lux.

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