Predictions for 1.13: Rending abilities

I don’t have a lot of time right now, so I’ll try to keep this one short.

Until Swap-in Savagery, all rending abilities did two important things:

  1. Destroy Shields
  2. Bypass armour

This meant there wasn’t much variety in rending moves, and it’s one of the reasons the Marsupial Lion dominated the Epic and lower Skill Tournament as it did. It’s supposed to be the natural (or rather, engineered) predator to Sauropods, but right now, it just kills practically anything that’s slower than it is, be it a chomper, an armoured tank, a high-HP tank, whatever.

Swap-in Savagery isn’t the only reason to believe that certain rending creatures (Purutaurus and Carnotaurus included, Purutaurus especially because it’s so similar to Tarkus) will be toned down: the other is the change in icons.

Rending moves now have icons specifying whether or not they destroy shields and Bypass armour. This suggests that there will be more that do not.

So if anyone wants to invest in a rending creature that isn’t Carnotarkus, I’d advise you excercise caution.

Rending creatures might be in for a nerf. This also opens the door to an Epic version of Marsupial Lion, perhaps another Marsupial like Thylacosmilus, that would take over the current Lion’s niche.
In a way, it’s a good thing.

Anyway, that’s my two cents, what do you guys think?

  • I think Rending abilities will probably be diversified.
  • I think they won’t be.

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I’m a fan of more ‘diverse’ rending abilities but NO ONE touches me precious purrut!


I think they will, but I sincerely hope RT and the different Rending Counters remain untouched.

I expect they’ll just make AP or even vanilla equivalents to them.

Rending moves are fun, but the user Marsupial lion who uses the rending moves are not, it either needs a hp nerf.

I don’t think marsupial lion is in a place it demands a nerf

And if so just nerf it speed so things faster can counter it

Rending attacks are fine I guess, I mean you can still distract theme and about lion marsupial the big thing who help it to beat tanks is immune to deceleration like Alloraptor


Like Rending is both a blessing and a curse; it’s good against anything with high hp and no distractions but stuff with low to mid hp and distractions or bleed can takedown anything with Rending, stuff like purra and tarkus, Thylacotator, and gyrpo really shine in high health situations but stuff with big attack or distractions basically shut them down completely

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Whether you are right or not, i hope this doesn’t happen, at least not to the creatures already in the game. I don’t think any of the creatures with rending abilities are OP, not even marsupial lion. The issue with the lion in tournaments is that almost all the creatures that counter It are not the best to use in the tournament, like koolasuchus, proceratosaurus, pyroraptor. Blue, Erliko gen2, ornitho and posto are way more viable and can deal with It. Though most of the time you won’t be choosing more than 2 of those for your tournament team.
Also, for me the change in icons is not really an indicative that there will be diversification, for me they only did that to differentiate the effects of all rending moves from swap in savagery, as it’s the only one that doesn’t break shields or pierce armor. Just a way to make the effects more clear for the players. They have done this icon changing before many times for that reason.
But i think you could be right about adding other moves with the savagery effects, though i don’t think any of the current rending creatures should be changed at all. I haven’t seen anyone complain about rending after all.


It’s just that shielders have been in a bit of a slump lately, and every new rending creature added contributes to that. If such a change was implemented, they wouldn’t anymore.
It is possible that any change will only apply to new dinos and not ones we already have though.

True, though the thing with shielders is that many of them have been in need of a buff for a long time. Some like stegod and tragod have been the gods of a meta, but they are kinda in the right place If we look at their ingredients. Renders and chompers are fine, but i look forward to a buff for some tank classes, such as the one you did for ankys.
On a side note, are you planning a rework for stegosaurs as well? I’m curious on how you’d deal with thagomizer, their signature.

Yeah, I was wondering about that too. I’m doing Spinosaurs first, but after that I guess I could do Stegosaurs.
It’ll have to be slightly different, because I’m not too fussed about them staying as they are, but the poll wanted to add DoT.
Also, Ankyntrosaurus will get a second feature.

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Noice :smiley:

What we need to be doing is decreasing the amount of creatures that can pierce or break armor in some way not making more lol. A ton of uniques can pierce armor in some way or another so i really hope they don’t add more lol

I mean I guess

But we don’t have the many uniques so we’ll see