Predictions for Updates for the Rest of This Year?

My prediction is the 1993 DLC alongside a big free update (similar to the 1.8 that dropped with the Claire’s Sanctuary DLC) coming somewhere between October 2019 and December 2019. I also predict 2 or 3 smaller updates between now and when the 1993 DLC releases. I forecast that one of these smaller updates will come with a Herbivore Dinosaur Pack. My predictions for the dinosaurs included in that are Dryosaurus, Homalocephale , and Nasutoceratops. These smaller updates will contain bug fixes and things like that, but other small content as well. Improvements to already installed systems within the game (gyrosphere, etc.), but I also expect one of the small updates to include some free scenery items (rocks/trees) and the introduction of other decorative items, such as ferns and larger bushes than can be formed with the terrain tools. I also expect some type of signs/lamp posts to come in a small update. I predict that the big free update that comes at the same time as the 1993 DLC will include Sandbox on every island, more scenery (rocks/trees/ferns/large bushes) and decorative items (benches, lamp posts, dinosaur signs, etc.). I also predict that the large free update that will coincide with the 1993 DLC will introduce a new fence type, some new dinosaur animations, as well as a fix allowing the Ankylodocus and Diplodocus to defend itself against the Indominus Rex by using tail whips (with new animations included to allow that). I have no idea what the 1993 DLC could include besides a couple of things. The possibilities are endless. I believe it will definitely be worth the price. One thing I will say it will almost certainly contain, is canonical Velociraptor skins, possibly from all three of the original trilogy of films. The 1993 DLC’s campaign will also have something big to do with all the carnivores featured in the first movie (Dilophosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, and Velociraptor). Completing the campaign (5 star the island, etc.) and doing certain missions within the DLC will unlock canonical Velociraptor skins, and possibly additional skins for other dinosaurs from the original movie or the original trilogy of movies. But the main thing I’m hoping for AND predicting, is the Velociraptor skins. Tiger raptor, JP3 raptors, the other Lost World Raptors. Anyways, if you’d like, please share below your predictions for what is in store for us as far as new content goes for the rest of 2019.

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Hate to be the bearer of bad news but this forums is for Jurassic world alive the mobile ar game made by Ludia… your looking for the Jurassic world evolution forums by Frontier.


That game Jurassic World evolution has potential but it just got old quick. Graphics are good on it though.

I’d also suggest breaking brick walls of text down in to paragraphs, makes it easier for people to read the text rather than take one look and close the page.

If you own it, its certainly worth checking out for the free updates alone… it doesnt come anywhere close to the depth of parkasourus though.

I do own it. I was playing for a while and was excited for secrets of dr wu then I saw you had to pay for that and pay for the new Dino’s of dlc. I wasn’t going to do all that.

Yeah, they do free updates ontop of the dlcs… and dr wu and claires sanctuary can be had for less then buying out the boosts that are for sale for this game today.

I wanted the new ones but I just don’t want to pay for those dinos in there. I think I bought the extra version when it first came out and I got the majungasaurus or something but other than that I won’t pay for more dinos. It’s just not that exciting. It gets hectic. Reaupply fix this fence. They never stay enclosed and it’s more of a job than fun to watch them.

Yeah, i agree that containment issue is pretty bad…i honestly perfer the gameplay of parkasourus its cartoony graphics can be a bit much but gameplay is so much deeper…

One can hope for a future game that gives me the depth of parkasourus and the graphics of evolution.

I’ve never heard of that game. I just wish they could make a really cool Jurassic game.