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Is there a way to block an entire thread from showing up on your feed?

There are MANY I would like to ignore.

Don’t think so.

There needs to be.

Why? Just don’t go into that thread.

When the same dumb threads clutter up the top of my feed over and over and over, it would be nice to have them go away so I may actually find interesting and helpful ones to read and comment on.


I know how you feel.

Hey @Tuco, @Colin_Goodman, @W1ckety, and @Dinocop, I found something that should help. If you drop down the notifications it looks like you can mute a thread. It won’t get rid of it entirely, but it won’t show up at the top and you won’t be notified of new posts in it.


I hope that helps!

Uhhhh… okay! LOL

Sorry @W1ckety, thought you had asked about blocking threads as well. Apologies for tagging you if that was not the case.

Okay I get it!
Please don’t tag me everytime I like a post.
I liked it because he’s an intelligent guy and is aware of the feature obviously.
He was being facetious. :slight_smile:

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My bad. Realize that he is an intelligent guy (have enjoyed many of his posts). Thought he was being genuine in looking for a solution.

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It’s all good.
He throws me for a loop sometimes too. LOL