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Prehistoric discussions part 1 The biggest of the mammals

So i decided to start my own series called prehistoric discussions where we can discuss some prehistoric stuff.
Since today the title largest land mamal goes to paraceratherium or indricotherium. But in recent years a animal has arrived that could challenge him as the heavyweight contender. The straight tusked elephant or Paleoloxodon. There are three species of Paleoloxodon including a pygmy species but the one we are talking today is Paleoloxodon namadicus. The overall size for indrico/paraceratherium is believed to be 4. 8 meters tall and a weight of seventeen tons. But there are some fragmentary remains of P. Namadicus that have been estimated at 5 meters tall and having a total weight of 22 tons. But since the remains are incomplete it is quite a debate if the animal could actually become this big. So do you think he could be rivaling the title of the largest mamal

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Very possible.

Who do you want to see getting added ?

  • Indricotherium /paraceratherium
  • Paleoloxodon

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Both but paracer would feel more unique as iā€™m basicly 100% sure it would use a new rig