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Prehistoric discussions part 3 : how big could they get

Remember walking with dinosaurs liopleurodon (aka magical liopleurodon). The thing is that he isn’t real. The true type species of liopleurodon (l. Ferrox) can only grow up to 7 meters. Ironically in the walking with series special sea monsters there are smaller liopleurodon but they are described as juviniles. So how did that mistake happen? During the time walking with dinosaurs was produced incomplete pliosaur remains were discovered wich have been estimated to liopleurodon and reconstructions gave rise to the length in the show. However these are now debunked to actually be from liopleurodon and the animal wasn’t that big neither. The weight of 150 tons seems also unlikely for a tropical marine reptile. The basal maximum length for pliosaurs is now believed to be 15 meters. But since most carnivoreus reptiles can grow their entire life perhaps there is a yet undiscovered pliosaur that could have reached thst size. So what do you think. Is a animal similar to the walking with dinosaurs size possible?