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Prehistoric info 1: Tetrapodophis

Heyyy I decided to make this series for no reason! Its just a buncha things about random prehistoric creatures that I would desire in-game.
First up is Tetrapodophis!
Etymology: Tetrapodophis means four footed snake
About: It is a transitional snake. It has four tiny but well developed legs. It is a transition between Dolichosauridae(aquatic varanids(mosasaurs, komodo dragons, gila monsters, and things like them) that were related to mosasaurs) and Ophidia(snakes). It was adapted to burrowing though meaning it probably lived on land. This supports the hypothesis that snakes evolved on land, and then some returned to the sea.
Screen Shot 2021-05-23 at 9.40.26 PM
This is the fossil of Tetrapodophis


Should I make more of these?

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yep they should ad megolania and dirprotodon