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Prehistoric info 4: Bohemiatupus

Hello I’m back
Anyway Bohemiatupus!
Etymology: It was found in the historical Central European region of Bohemia(which is currently in Czechia), so thats where the Bohemia comes from, and Tupus for a genus that Bohemiatupus is related to.
About: Bohemiatupus is a griffinfly. It is closely related to more well known insects like Meganeuropsis and Meganeura. It is the first described occurence of a griffinfly in the continental basins of the Bohemian Massif. It shared its home with Bojophlebia(a giant mayfly) and Carbotriplura(a giant silverfish). It had a wingspan of 52 cm(20 in). It is still smaller than other griffinflies like Meganeuropsis which had a wingspan of 70 cm(28 in).

I could not find a fossil of Bohemiatupus so here is a fossil of the closely related Meganeura


I wonder if dragon flys would be flocks or not

I hope so!