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Prehistoric info 6: Scleromochlus

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Anyway Scleromochlus!
Etymology: Scleromochlus means “hand fulcrum”
About: Scleromochlus was really tiny, around 7.1 inches long. It is related to pterosaurs, and it gives insight on how pterosaurs had evolved. It was thought to have hopped like a kangaroo, but last year it was suggested that it hopped more like frogs, as a quadruped. It was probably one of the basal Archosauriformes.

This is a hypothetical skeleton of Scleromochlus, for the fossil its kinda hard to see the Scleromochlus


My favorite hoppy boi

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Wow I realized you are the only person who mentioned Scleromochlus before this topic. I’m glad I made this topic though so people can acknowledge this cute boi’s existence

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