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The first episode comes out today!
If you don’t want to pay for Apple TV + here is a handy video from evolution square
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Not much to say i liked the first episode. Although the bioluminescence in ammonites is a bit speculative many deep sea squids have that so it’s not that far stretched. I also like they’re picking obscure species as well. Didn’t knew any of the African pterosaurs


Absolutely loved the first two episodes. Beautiful visuals, and of course with David Attenborough narrating it was all the more enjoyable. I grew up watching dinosaur documentaries so it was like heaven on earth. Can’t wait to see the next 3 episodes.


The battle between the Mosasaurs was exciting. Loved the color difference between the younger and older one. The older one clearly much more dignified and deserving of his sunbathing. 10/10 would purchase one as a mount and control the seas.


Agreed. I also liked they shown plesiosaurs being able to fight back rather than getting eaten by an mosasaur


I do hope that the show gets another season. Apple tv has done sequels to other documentaries. If not at least spin offs featuring the palaeozoic and other Mesozoic periods


I mean with those teeth, who is trying to eat them? The son came through big time. Deserves to be the favorite.


Would be nice seeing some species from prehistoric planet coming to jwa

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And Cenozoic

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Agreed, the colors also made it easier to identify who we’re rooting for :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: absolutely loved Tarbosaurus in today’s episode. Hearing the theme of the show itself makes me tear up at times! Music, visuals, narration - all are quality content.

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Well its Hans Zimmer, how can we not feel anything? He’s amazing.


Yep cenozoics too

loved the dreadnaught battle


So overall for episode 2 liked it but tarbosaurus didn’t actually lived with velociraptor. Velociraptor is from the djadochta flaming cliffs while tarbosaurus was from the nemegt formation. They’re also from different times

Terminator music theme playing in the background
(I’m talking about time travel lol)

Wait whaaaat
Did Darren Naish know they did this?


Anyone notice the Oviraptor looks like a peacock?

What if… this TV shows actually talking about an alt universe :crazy_face:?

The are some incomplete theropod remains who have been assigned to tarbosaurus so it could be possible

Oviraptor itself doesn’t appear. A close relative the cortyhoraptor does