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Prehistoric Story teaser

What if we go back in time in the Prehistoric World where prehistoric animals haves their own story about what’s going on during a dangerous world full of large carnivores, and other dangerous animals?

In Prehistoric Story, we’ll be focusing on one animals in different peroid from Paleozoic to Cenozoic era. Experience dangerous things around the world like humans hunting mammoths, and when Earth just have very weird creatures back then when life was first form. It’s all about survival.

Coming in Summer 2021

Prehistoric Story is based off of a The Rourke Dinosaur Library series by Oliver Rupert


I’m hyped! I’ve created a story like this once from a leopard’s perspective on the African Savannah

Really? Can you show it to me?

Sure, might be a little weird tho, and the paper is a lil

I’ll show you it once I find it, gotta go through some files now