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Prehistoric tales: A tale from Paleozoic to Cenozoic

Imagine if you go back in time were the planet is ruled by prehistoric creatures from the swimming Anomalocaris, to a giant millipede Arthropleura, to a mighty sauropod Brachiosaurus, to a vicious Tyrannosaurus Rex, to a predatory Smilodon, and to the mighty Mammoth. A world were Homo Sapiens didn’t exist, and animals live by their own rule.

Ever thought of why Triceratops has frills, or Why Mammoth has a trunk, or Why Tyrannosaurus roars, or Why Smilodon has a long teeth, or Therizinosaurus has a long claws? Prehistoric tales will answer all your why’s.

There will be 52 episodes. No chronology. For the first episode, we will be focusing on a Mammoth of how he got his trunk. More episodes are coming soon. This is inspired by a kid show, Tinga Tinga tales.

I thought of this idea after I watch every episode of Tinga Tinga tales. Man, what a good episode, especially the dopey Wildebeests

I loved Tinga Tinga when I was young :smile: would love new episodes even though I doubt there will be.

Really? How?

wym? (10 cha)

I meant the show

well, the last episode was posted in 2011.

Yeah, sad. Well, you’re in luck! Prehistoric tales is targeting you, and everyone. It will remain clean version which means.

No vulgar or inappropriate stuff


No 18+ related

Also, I want them to be real animals like in Tinga Tinga tales, which means they don’t get dressed.

I’ve never heard of Tinga Tinga. It’s an American show?

No. It’s a British-Kenyan children’s television series

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Interesting. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

So do I. A new episode will arrive tomorrow morning in Central Time. Stay tuned. As we began an episode with a creature who has trouble picking up food with no nose

What species of mammoth do you want me to choose for the first episode? Time ends around 10:00.

  • Columbian
  • Pygmy
  • Steppe
  • Woolly

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steppe mammoth was a thing?

That creature does exist

lol, I only knew the wolly and columbian mammoths, the pygmy one I just learned about recently in a EONS video

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Well. That guy sure exists


Get ready! A new episode is a coming soon. I’m not good at making dialogues, so I’ll try my best as I can to make the dialogue sense

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A new episode is finished. Go check it out