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⭐️ Prehistoric warriors UK ⭐️

We at Prehistoric warriors UK have a total of 5 spaces open for our alliance! An alliance that has achieved 5/5 for 4 weeks outta 5.
We have a set of rules that you must follow. These rules are in place to ensure fair game okay and to achieve said goals.
1• don’t request dinos that are on event stops til they have finished

2• we don’t allow duplicate requests. (So if a allo is up, either donate to it or wait till it’s finished.

3• we have separate chats via fb messenger that you’d have to be part of. We can discuss latest news, missions, further rules, help with teams, general chit chat. We also run a in chat tournament with each other to help boost battles towards ranks.

If you think you’ve got what it takes and understand these rules please message either me on here or fb (dom Matthews)
Last but not least we try to make the game fun when times are hard. We’re a great bunch and easy to work around/with.

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