Premium and Feature Drafts

Fix the 1% chance of getting 4 and 5 star dragons in the Premium and Feature drafts. Paying good money for runes to end up getting General draft dragons is akin to being robbed. 1% translates to zero chance but thanks for your money.
Anyone else agree?

It’s not exactly 1% since there are multiple 5* dragons. But honestly, I’d rather them change the 4000 runes draw to at least two 4* guaranteed since most people only end up getting nine 3* dragons and one 4* dragon OR make a point system that adds up when you draw, and when it reaches 100% the next draw has a guaranteed 4/5* dragon.

What I would like to see is a guaranteed 5-star. Spending 4k runes and getting 3-star dragons and one 4-star duplicate that I don’t need is aggravating.


So you all would like to have a „pay to win“-game instead of one that increases the chances to win by paying?
The main goal of the game is to get tactically good 5 star dragons, if they were guaranteed by the drafts or the drafts had a much greater chance to pull 4 or 5 stars (if the percentages are too low wait for Legendary Weekend, only takes some patience) the balance of the game would be destroyed.
You can achieve very high levels in Exploration and Quests just by choosing the right 4 star dragons (where a 4 star is guaranteed by the draft and if you get 3 stars you can easily breed them with some patience) and improving your team choice / tactical thinking that you are needing later with the 5 stars as well to pass the later levels in Exploration.

Perhaps you misunderstood my statement? When you touch the “I” in the circle in the higher drafts it will show the available dragons. When done it shows the 4 and 5 star dragons at 1% or maybe at times 3%.
Getting a higher level dragon will actually balance the gameplay not impede it. After winning approximately 4/5 battles you then fight against higher ability dragons that you can’t possibly beat without your own higher dragons. If you can’t get premium dragons how can you compete?
I do the quests etc as well as well try to level up my obtained dragons, which by the way won’t level up 8 out of 10 times. Where is the balance in that?
The game is great yet it should be fair. Think of it this way. You buy a Happy Meal for $4.99 but get 1 French fry. Is that a fair and balanced purchase?

With investing time, but no money, and farming runes to do pulls I needed (and only getting two 4 star dragons out of my 3-months-rune-saving) I made it to the spot where I have 3 dragons that are 5 stars, two of them event dragons that are really easy to get by investing money. I beat the last node of quests 3/5 times at my strength with a team of mainly 4 star dragons and usually one 5 star dragon, the 4 stars aren‘t all maxed and the ones that are close to that all have ability 10/10 (so you have to have real bad luck or don‘t feed „correctly“?). So I just don‘t get the point? I need time to breed / pull more 5 stars to proceed in Exploration, but I don‘t see any problem with that because I have to farm scales anyway to level these 5 stars to the point where they‘re stronger than my 4 stars.

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I’m not really complaining about the low rates though, instead of using the gacha to get good cards, I get my dragons by breeding, and only really use it when I want a 3* of a specific species so that I can work my way to its 5* card.

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You hit my point regarding investing money. I play daily and do invest. If I weren’t patient I wouldn’t be playing anymore nor suggesting that this low rate of Premium/Special Feature dragons be addressed. The 4/5 star dragons still have to be trained and leveled up. Nonetheless it gives a player a better chance in battle and does not make you feel as if you’re just giving money away.


It comes down to 80% 3 star, 17% 4 star, 3% 5 star. They tell you the odds, you know their crap, just don’t do the draft. spend runes on speeding up breeding or more energy. Not sure why everyone gravitates toward gambling and has an issue when they dont win.


If you guys want guaranteed Legendaries, do Trust events.

You are mistaking gambling for grinding.