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Premium daily draft and rune balancing

I’m sure all of you by now have seen the daily drafts that are posted within the game. But it costs 400 runes which can be tedious to acquire for some players. Which is why I’ve been wondering why we couldn’t use the premium tokens in those drafts as well, and maybe the seasonal ones as well considering some players may have more tokens than runes. Another thing that I want to address is the probability of getting any dragons that are 5* specifically when you need copies and can’t get them. All the 5* have a less than 1% chance of getting one, and considering that you may need one particular dragon copy makes the probability even lower than that. What exactly is going on here? It seems that you want your game to be solely based on rng which is kinda annoying considering the type of player that I am. I do hope that you at least consider this. Thanks again for reading this post and I’ll see you in the next one.

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As far as I remember some one told me that the more they introduce the dragons the less the percentage of getting 5 star from the draft…

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How unfortunate. Like I said, it’s very boring when it comes to games solely based on random rng values.

Well that isnt 100% tru

Its rather that you will have less chances to get a specific dragon, if you ask me 0.2% for a specific dragon is waaay too low for my prefferences, breeding is way more efficient. And yeah the drafts are kinda useless rn.

As for the rebalancing, i dont think 400 runes is too much, but i do think that if you pull 10 drafts you should get a legendary.

Ok thanks for the advice