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Premium dragon draft

My opinion on this is that there shouldn’t be 3* dragons there. I spent a lot of time to getting that draft token and now it’s wasted. The only way to make up for this is to get rid of 3* in the premium dragon draft. It’s hard enough to get 4* or 5* let alone duplicates for training. You can’t compensate for the time I’ve basically just wasted. Now I have to grind more hours getting another token. This is ridiculously annoying. Please do something about this.


400 runes for a 4*? Thats a bit too much dont ya think?

They should instead give one random 5* per 10 pulls


That is preferable to a less than 1 percent chance of getting one per pull

Ye to be honest for 4000 runes you’d better give me a 5*, especially since breeding is a better method (i will not buy drafts just because there is a 0.2% chance for an elite dragon).

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