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Premium incubator vs Legendary incubator. [advice please]


Hi, so I’ve been playing for about a month now…have some cash saved up and I’m a VIP member. I’m level 12 and sit around 2500 trophies so that’ll tell you the kind of competition I’m facing. I absolutely hate the fusion system so I’m kinda caught up on this question…do I use my cash to premium incubators and try to ‘fuse’ my way up OR do I just wait till they sell legendary incubators on the market and buy those when that happens?


Neither. Save your cash for coins, you’ll need em to lvl up your Dinos soon. Also, don’t level up everything, but just what is necessary or good.


The further along you progress, the less incubators help you, especially if they’re random. It doesn’t take that long to create legendaries, you just have to bite the bullet and grind them.

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Why do people think that they need to level everything?
I see a lot of people with L15 irritator g2 and other useless creatures at “High” level, then they complain about the lack of coins (which is real, though).

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I’ve been playing since it came out. I’m a level 13, as of today. I’m a free to play, not a vip.

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For leveling up is good to level up every dino up to lvl 10 except those from which you fuse rare dinos.
Buying incubators is a waste of cash. You can end up with useless DNA and usually very small amount of legendary/unique DNA.
Maybe only legendary incubator which guarantee 200 DNA can save you some fusing as you can potentially create one legendary dino. Still it can be one of worst legendaries.


Cough, cough Monolometrodon


No worries I stopped leveling everything about a week ago when I discovered for the first time that the fusion system is asymmetrical as I was creating my Indominus Rex…it won’t goto waste as I need Velo at 20 eventually I guess…but there was no need to push him to 18 now though. lol…as for coin I have enough for now, sitting at over 1mil, so yay me!


I agree, I already feel like epics don’t do much for me.


Well I fuse and level up my diplotator…find him effective against Indo with that dispel of his…I don’t have an equivalent epic.


See this is the problem…high up in levels you go and higher up in the PVP arena you go you start taking strain when it comes to growing your team so it kills the thrill of hunting dinos and getting incubators cuz it takes SO long to get anywhere…I can relate to this if this is why you dropped VIP.


Lol…yeah you’re right…but this is the debate I was asking for regarding incubator types, it’s nice to get your opinion on which side you stand on, thanks.