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Premium incubators suck! Yeah yeah you heard it all before...but...suggestion?

Hi, compliments of the season to all. So it was Xmas and I decided to spoil myself, I looked in game and saw there was the premium incubator special and then there was also the hard cash special…both the same price, hard cash special obviously gave more hard cash as that’s all that that was about…but in my mind I did some math and when calculating in the value of a premium incubator on it’s own and with calculating in the value of the hard cash it felt like the premium incubator was more value for money so I went with that and boy was I disappointed!

I got no commons I like/use, the rares were messed up cuz I got something like 600+ of something I don’t use but then 20 0r 30+ of the erli gen 2 that I do use…and I epic was more of the same…I got one of the new cenozoics that I hadn’t created yet so at least that’ll go towards its hybrid at some point but I don’t care because not like I’m going to run it anyway. My suggestion is that at least with paid for incubators can’t we have the purchase coded in such a way that it at least checks the DNA you have on hand and leans more towards giving you the stuff you’re low on because clearly that’s the DNA you are actually using and wanting? Note I said stuff I’m LOW on not stuff I don’t have to avoid taking into account the uncreated cenozoics. I mean I spent ‘top dollar’ on gifting myself and when I bought it I immediately regretted my decision and felt I shoulda just bought the hard cash cuz the extra hard cash was way more valuable to me than any of the DNA I got…also I’m sitting on over 5mil coin and climbing so I never care about that in incubators either.

Almost felt bad for you. Then you said you have 5 mil coins.


:laughing: …that wasn’t me bragging, it was me showing how the coins in the bundle were of no value to me, my coin count touched over 6mil, then came down to around 5.3mil now I’m on 5.7mil so I’m on the rise again…honestly I value hard cash more than anything else in the game and that’s what I really need most of all.

There is lots of different things they could do to increase the value of incubators to customers… but Ludia loves those gambling mechanics. Which is one thing if your talking about the cost of a pack of cards like mtg… 3-4 bucks…

Its a terrible design when your talking about 50-60 bucks or more.

Clash royale uses a mechanic called strikes…normally three though you can get chests with way more.

You use a strike to reroll a certain card and get the same amount of another with the same rarity. You could have rerolled the 600 rare dna for another chance at 600 rare dna you might use.

It still leaves getting exactly what you want up to rng. But increases your chances of getting something usable.

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Well that certainly does sound better…buyers remorse is real people.

Most of the incubators suck because they depend on Luck.


Incubators Give us the ability to choose the Dinos from a pool you have provided,reward will pop up with 2 or 3 choices(for Commons,Rares and Epics)

8 : 15000 coins
7: 24 Darts
6: 3220 Stego or 3220 Apato or 3220 Lythronax (we choose one reward)
5: 2500 Sarco or 2500 Tany or 2500 Dilo Gen 2 (we choose one reward)
4: 250 Echo or 250 Dracorex or 250 Agentino (we choose one reward)
3: 400 Tenonto or 400 Megalo or 400 T-Rex 2 (we choose one reward)
2: 200 Sino or 200 Kentro or 200 T-Rex (we choose one reward)
1: 300 Anky or 300 Ourano or 300 Secondo (we choose one reward)

So less frustration,and it will be something that we can control and not completely independable on Luck.

ps: Try to not make so big purchases.most of the time is bad investment in this game.


Yeah, back in the day…like a year ago when I first started paying I bought plenty premium incubators and NEVER minded because I was new, my team was new…ANY and all DNA was useful back then, now I’m level 20 with a team I like and I just wanna level them up…so my DNA requirements are too specific for this randomness I guess.

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This game SHOULD be awesome.

But, Ludia bought the rights.

I stopped buying incubators long ago, they always had useless junk in them at a ridiculous cost.

It makes me angry that Ludia didn’t realize the potential in JWA… they could have been bigger than Niantic but did not encompass the vision needed to overpower their greed.

PoGo = $100M/month
JWA = $600k/month


Yeah this is my 1st incubator in a really really long time…but it reminds me of why I stopped buying them too. I may (or may not?) buy rare ones as they’re way cheaper but can still be useful…we’ll see depending on finances.

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well, when you think about it… you have a 4% chance of getting an epic you want, 2% chance of getting a rare you want and 3% of a common. for $50 :rofl: just not a good investment at all.

i’ve always felt it intentionally does the opposite. never used to get erlik, sino, etc. until i got erlidom, thor and utarinex to 30. now i get it all the time. like it knows that dinos you have maxed, knows that DNA is useless to you and gives you that as epics. like mono and barry… with a 30 monomimus and 30 tryox, mono and barry are like every other inc for me :unamused:


Plus, with every update that adds new creatures into the mix, the odds of drawing what you want decrease.

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Scents are a much better deal, and you have some control over what you get depending on where you use them.

I only buy incubators when they’re part of a bundle, like the one currently in the store, that gives you cash, coins and an epic.

The only time I’ll get a premium incubator is when I finally defeat Lord Lythronax :laughing:

whoa! That’s just harsh! Lol…

EXACTLY!!! This is why in my alliance chat I’ve been saying I wish people would quit asking for new dinos because it dilutes your odds of getting DNA you want from any form of incubator.

Lol! Well I’m the same, only buy incubators when there’s cash involved…hard cash is of more value to me than DNA becoz darn those stat boosts are so expensive!!!

Don’t buy them, best sugestion i can give

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When I started the game I always wanted to purchase one of those awesome looking incubators in the store. Not wish real money but hard cash. I said I’d wait until I was level 20. I got there and watched some YouTube videos and instantly knew I would never buy one. You’ll just be mad afterwards. I use all my hard cash on coins. I’m almost to 3 million.

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