Premium Incubators


Ive had 3 of them all together and every time most of the dna i get is useless to me!!! You should be aloud to choose atleast 1 dino to level up or something! Why will people buy these after 2/3 not even helping their team. Complete rubbish waste of money. It needs looking into


I’ve never buy premium, totally doesn’t deserve it.

Time limited rare/epic showcases with specific dino list is far more better.
(Time limited premium showcases are still not better than them until now, because time limit premium showcases usually got awful dino list)


Where can I find a time limited premium showcase?


Premium incubators has always been a “complete rubbish waste of money.” I reckon to just save the bucks on coins. Incubators are a gamble, unless you know exactly what you are getting, and majority tend to get buyers remorse.


Uhh…I think I saw time limit premium incubators twice.:thinking:

Once for hybrid ingredient, another for carnivorous dinos.
But I didn’t take screenshot for them. Just like I said, I don’t buy those worthless incubators.