Premium rewards issue

I recently bought Premium for Raptor Riot. Collected all of my past Premium rewards and then gained enough loyalty points to buy one Solid Gold pack.

From the pack I received one Hainosaurus. However, when I reloaded into the game, half of the Premium rewards I had already claimed became unclaimed again, and I had to claim them a second time—which was not a big issue—but it did yield different dinos from the same packs I already already claimed once. (The content from the aforementioned packs and rewards were rescinded.)

The real issue was discovering that my Hainosaurus card was no longer in my inventory. However, my loyalty points did not reset, and remained around 1,000—which was what I had left after purchasing the Solid Gold pack containing my Hainosaurus. Is there any way to give me back the card that I am now missing?

Hey @Peggy_Lee, would you kindly send this info and your support key to so we can assist you with this matter?

Thank you!