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Prenium dragon


Hello I’m a new player and I wish to help improve the game so I share my strange observation. When opening prenium dragon with the card I won and some I bought I mostly get “Brise-Flanc” (I got it 5 time on 6 opening) so I would know if this is normal… Because there is other 5.7 % dragons and I only get this one…

Thanks for reading.

(sorry for the possible mistakes I’m not an English native)

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I find this pretty strange too how you got the same dragons multiple times in a row? Usually you would get some other dragons mixed in, especially if there’s a 5.7% chance for the other ones?! Its definitely not a Glitch that’s for sure, so it could be just really bad luck, or it just abnormally happened!!? But cheer up, your English was great!!


I’m totally agree with you that’s why I report it. I don’t think this is a glitch too because I’ve got the 4 stars dragon during an opening but that’s pretty strange and a bit annoying :confused:.
Normally I’m pretty lucky on this type of think and that’s getting nerves of people :yum:

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Stuff like this doesn’t normally happen, but it is very irritating when it does actually happen! It has happened to me on a different game were you spend lots of something to open multiple packages and get the same thing over and over like 4 times in a row. And it does get on people’s nerves, but it’s not a Glitch, nor is it the developers fault either, so the report will not really help a lot, but it is good to keep in mind that games are very cruel in these kind of situations!! So what I like to do is save everything, get a ridiculous amount of something (Or at least the maximum of it) and then blow it all off at a special offering.


Keep one more, to train the dragon for the third star you need the second same dragon.


Omg, yes!! :exploding_head:

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Oh god… I already have difficulties to pass a dragon at 2 stars :joy: because I need to reach lvl30.
What’s needed to upgrade a dragon to the third star?


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7 times the same dragon (the one on the top) in prenium :sob: