Preondactylus is a good example of how every flock should be

Strong and very annoying but with very low health, in range of having one “life” taken by any resilient creature. Just a thought, since many players understandably complain about flocks.


With these being one of the fastest creatures in the game, they will generally get the 1st hit and they can swap in with 100% dodge.

So you swap them in on an opponent that doesn’t remove dodge when they are really low health and knock them off with evasive impact.



I will be bringing this guy up to the other team level flocks I have over the next month as I will have them in my zone.


I threw a team of flocks out last week when I got Ankylodactylus to level 20 to try out.


It doesn’t work

I think it is actually a 75% chance to dodge 100% of attack.
another move that doesn’t work and ludia won’t fix it.

Edit: It is actually the same as a swap in dodge

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I haven’t hit through Preon’s evasion so far

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you can check when you swap in yourself