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Preparing for an awkward surprise

I have a feeling we are due having cenozoic tournament in the very near future.
With the surprise difficulty of the current aquatic tournament I am prepared to throw resources at my cenozoics. I assume simple lvl 40 legendaries wouldn’t be enough.
What do you suggest, how should I move forward? I can’t force vips, but I am always on the lookout for brontotherium. Obviously savannahs are my weaknesses.
Should I focus on tourneys or hybrids?
What would be your approach?

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I have so many to hatch myself but after spending a whole month of solely working on aquatics (I know I will regret it) I’m not gonna be focusing on cenos straight after.

Your line up is a lot better than mine I think you would do fine in a ceno tournament you’ve already got the numbers there :+1:

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I think I read it somewhere that cenozoic tournaments tend to be more difficult than aquatics, this is why I want to be more prepared.

Oh no I’m doomed, plus knowing my luck it will be a woolly mammoth unlock

I would have thought that because the legendaries are weaker at 40 that it might be a tad easier

Prior to the release of Mammotherium, and any other hybrids, I was able to ride a level 10 Thylacosmilus to a Dominator finish in the Gastornis tournament in September 2018. Contrast that to the Gillicus and Tupuxuara tournaments in April/May 2019, where I made the following notes:

Blockquote The previous Cenozoic tournaments (Gillicus in April 2019 and Tupuxuara in May 2019) required lineups on par with a Jurassic tournament, but did not require near the number of trophies a Jurassic one does. During those tournaments, I fielded six teams that I thought had a reasonable chance of winning. I probably averaged 3 wins per run with two runs/day and easily finished at the top of Dominator. We have not had a Cenozoic tournament since the reshuffling in November 2019. This information may or may not be accurate anymore.


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Ceno tournaments are as hard as Jurassic.

L20 VIPs should work great.

The right L40 legendary teams should win maybe 50% of the time.

The L20 super rare hybrids aren’t as good as the best Jurassic ones at L20.

Personally, I’m doing coins to Ceno and still (2 today) getting tournament Cenos. I’m prepping a bunch of L21 tournaments that when I get enough can all go to L30 along with all of the L20 VIPs I can muster.

I have a major savanna weakness though as I’m not getting those in coins to Ceno.

@Aether_12 I can see why you would be reluctant to jump into working on cenozoics so soon after working on your aquatics. But you did a really good job and it must be really satisfying doing so well! I also wanted to focus my attention on jurassics again, but my plan has changed. I guess lvl 21-30 I rex can wait a little longer.

@Andy_wan_kenobi My main concern is that these infos are way from the past. Ludia probably expects more from us this time around. Lvl 10 vips probably only have a chance if you have a proper meat shield as a starting creature. At least this has been my take from this aquatic tournament.

@Timmah Do you actually get anything that’s not a smilodon or eremotherium from coin to ceno (I haven’t received the latter yet but I assume it’s an option)? I see we have the same issue: the lack of savannahs. How do you plan to resolve this? I’m closest to unlocking entelorhacos but I don’t know if it’s worth the cost…

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I’ve moved to doing coins to ceno as well since yesterday, but I’m 0 for 3 for tournaments, all legendary so far. I’m hoping that changes since it’s only been 3.

I would venture that the tournament may be easier since the Woolly Mammoth and the Mammotherium have been brought in line with other creatures.

And @Bandeezee

After the update, I first got super rare and legendary cenos. The past week, tournaments have been creeping in.

The past few days, Ceno have been 2/3 tournament.

It is like the custom trade “charge up” as you do more of them.

All of the tournament Dino’s are killing my DB supply as I keep a free market.

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Thankfully, it’s a Jurassic Battle tournament.

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Thanks @MirrMurr I suppose I could beef up my cenos just in case, I do not want to miss out on any future unlocks (especially woolly mammoth and gastornis) the new instant hatchery will help massively once I get it, i will focus on locked creatures for now to maximise my opportunities in the TH.

The wars not over yet though and I’m still struggling with wins in this current aquatic tournament, I should be able to do about 20 more battles (without spending bucks) so just hope I get enough victories :facepunch:

Thankfully I currently have 2 panocthus, 1 level 20 urtinotherium and 1 archaeophicyon level 20 that are great meatsheilds, and a few thylocosmilus and procoptodon each to do the damage

The difference between cenos and aquatics is that I had a general interest in the aquatic side.

Besides a few favourites like smilodon, andrewsarchus and woolly mammoth i am just not as invested.


So after reviewing my Ceno line-up, it’s in pretty bad shape overall. This aquatic tournament has been great in exposing my lack of depth in both aquatic and ceno. Might just shift plans for a while, as my Jurassic line-up in solid and tournaments are easy to get into dominator. My aim will be to push 5 teams to around VIP 20 ferocity (4400) for both ceno & aquatic so if & when a tournament comes I’ll at least be in a position to compete. I don’t have any hybrids in either species so that’s another goal to create some depth.


Post your line up! We can review it and maybe learn a thing or two.
I am working on a plan a’la Sionsith style on how to work on my cenozoic line up and will post it later. I just got too distracted during the weekend with life and the tournament.

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Because I’m another spreadsheet nut I made a copy some time ago of the community spreadsheet. I’ve then done my own thing with it and track my line-up ferocity against the ferocity of different creatures at various levels. It helps me figure out what i need to do. For Jurassic I’ve just been slowly creeping the ferocity while building equal species and the plan will be do the same with the Aquatic & Cenozic

Name R H D F count
Titanoboa 20 1308 452 2754 1
VIP 10 10 1296 405 2592 11
Gastornis 20 630 591 2521 1
Arctodus 20 1268 381 2487 1
Name R H D F count
VIP 20 13 1080 788 3602 10
Umoonasaurus 20 1359 519 3020 1
Mosasaurus 20 1421 444 2842 1
Archelon 20 1563 400 2843 1
VIP 10 10 1555 324 2592 3

For comparison my Jurassic’s

Name R H D F count
Indominus Rex 11 1905 728 4235 1
VIP 20 18 1155 952 4201 10
Segnosuchus 4 1048 982 4190 1
Ostaposaurus 12 1871 715 4159 1
Rajesta 14 1959 677 4125 1
Monostegotops 1 2056 643 4114 5
Brachiosaurus 29 2047 640 4095 1
Ankylodocus 24 2046 639 4091 2
Spinoraptor 28 1837 702 4083 1
Segnosaurus 30 1421 825 4061 1
Diplosuchus 10 1702 716 3993 9
Carnoraptor 30 1765 674 3922 5
Stegoceratops 30 2150 550 3910 2
Tyrannosaurus Rex 40 1603 612 3561 0
Diplotator 40 1691 584 3560 2
Indominus Rex Gen 2 10 1769 553 3539 7
Scaphognatus 40 1752 548 3506 1
Suchoripterus 20 1748 546 3495 2
Shunosaurus 40 1695 530 3391 1
Pteranodon 40 1520 581 3379 1
Tropeogopterus 30 1490 569 3311 4

This is actually really helpful! Maybe I should do that too? Nah, at this point I can only count till 8… the game taught me that. :slight_smile:
It’s nice to see the titanoboa’s stats, it will be my next focus. I only hatched the one from the tournament but haven’t leveled it up, and would be a lot more useful at lvl 20.
I feel like in a month I could make real progress with my titanoboas/smilodons and eucladoceroses but have still no idea what to do on the savannah front.

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Some Savannah data for you then

Name Type Class DNA Cost Lvl Health Attack Ferocity
Brontotherium VIP Savannah 20 1554 902 4440
Procoptodon VIP Savannah 20 1665 867 4439
Urtinotherium Tournament Savannah 7650 30 2320 570 4144
Indricoceros Legendary Hybrid Savannah 35420 20 2063 645 4127
Gastornis Tournament Savannah 7100 30 961 901 3844
Mammotherium Tournament Hybrid Savannah 50400 10 2286 429 3659
Kelenken Tournament Savannah 6580 30 1780 556 3559
Entelorhacos Legendary Hybrid Savannah 25760 20 1713 535 3425
Uintatherium Legendary Savannah 3650 40 1944 267 2798
Urtinotherium Tournament Savannah 7650 20 1522 374 2719

I think I’ll personally try and get Gastornis & Urtinotherium to 30 as my starting point for my savannah’s


Thank you, this is helpful! Unfortunately I don’t have any savannah tourneys unlocked, so my best option is entelorhacos (I’ve just hatched all the base creatures and need to fuse the 2nd phorusrhacos to lvl 30). Finally I learned the dna cost as well, I just knew entelorhacos wouldn’t come to me cheaply. Probably the best option would be to lvl it to 30, rather then splitting my efforts between an entelorhacos lvl 20 and indricoceros lvl 20.
I will form a prayer circle for gastornis and urtinotherium.


I dont have enteledon unlocked unfortunately. But seen as the legendary components for indricoceros are not that strong I think I will work on this hybrid.

I have archaeophicyon unlocked and at level 20, so I may get him to 30, hes a bit costly but still 10,000 less than xinathodon

As for snows that’s where il struggle, but what I’ve seen with the aquatic tournament is that battles where I have brought a surface then cave then surface I have had a 60 percent success rate with this method.

So if I bring in teams of cavern, Savannah then cavern I should get some wins with this.

I can get a smilodon and woolly mammoth to 20 for now also.

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@Mary_Jo I’ve run into your amazing spreadsheet before but I can’t find it for the life of me. Could you share it please?