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Preparing for Ludia Maintenance

First it’s important to say that the reason Ludia doesn’t say how long maintenance will be is because they really don’t know. They have a guess but if they say 1hr and it takes 90 minutes people will flip out so they just don’t give a time. But in order to prepare there are some things you can do.

  1. Get up early in the morning.
  2. Open daily battle incubator.
  3. Fill all incubator slots.
  4. Start 8hr or longer incubator.
  5. Max out all event/supply drops you can.
  6. Complete daily missions.
  7. Cross your fingers thta this update doesn’t make things worse.

This way you don’t miss much during the maintenance.

That is all…


what if you claim your daily inc but then they increase the boosts you can get in them?

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Trust you to think of that :rofl:


gotta think about all possible things. been stressing about it actually lol.

Best way to prepare. Grab some tissues incase you need to cry the maintenance out

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  1. Prepare comedy memes to post on the forum

Ah yes. Now that’s some good advice. What memes to chose

8 hour inc cooking…