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Preparing for the Indorator

So as promised, here’s a topic for discussing the dilemma of when to create the Indoraptor. For tournament plan, we know that having a deep bench of Jurassics is a key to success, and they can be around VIP level 20’s and work in Dominator pretty well. Those run about a ferocity of 4400. Once you are able to start leveling those up higher, and add in some of the s-hybrids and tournament hybrids, you’ll have ferocities approaching (and exceeding) 6K.

Problem is, the Indorator even at just level 1 has a ferocity of 9K. That’s a pretty serious bump up to be dealt with, basically going from level 30 VIPs and/or legendary hybrids to level 40s. Besides the reduction in numbers, it takes the cooldowns on VIPs from times that allow for 2-3 uses a day, to 1 or maybe 2 (for the glass cannons). Legendary hybrids can go from 1 day to 2 day CDs. Tournament hybrids will typically need lvl 20 or better to compete… going from a CD that allows for 2 uses a day to at best 1 turn a day.

So the question becomes, how many dinos at these kinds of levels do you need to deal with the impact adding a bunch of Indoraptors will have? I can currently make 9 indos and soon will be able to make 10… but have nothing higher than a level 10 Yudon, which is a ferocity of 6260… but I have a pretty deep bench near that level, at least 5-6 pages all 6K or above. I would LOVE to get those Indoraptors made and get to play with them especially in tournaments… but the issue is the daily PvE events (and infinity level) so the goal would be to leave as many of my Jurassics at the tournament level as possible, while leveling up what’s needed to deal with the difficulty increase in PvEs.

Thoughts? Anyone been in this position recently and made the transition? I’m thinking in particular of events that don’t allow the use of carnivores at ALL like the herbivore and pterosaur events we had this weekend.

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If I was at the point of this dilemma , I wouldn’t think it a lot . I would have made Indoraptor and then sell it for DNA . Unfortunately, I don’t have a level 40 Indominus, because I really dislike both this hybrid and her child , Indoraptor (I haven’t even unlock it) . The only thing I regret is all this Indoraptor S-DNA unused …

Made mine way too early and ruined my squad. It was worth it. The animation is great and I am now running 5 at lev 10. I can get through dominator ok usually with time to spare but it has taken a long time to get here. I would say be prepared to level a lot of vip creatures especially carnivores and amphibians to get some somewhere near matching the ferocity of the level of your indo if you can. Also leave it a lev 1 and increase it slowly. It will hamper your ability to compete in the other tasks though due to cool down times and reduction of creatures due to combining them to level them.

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What is the recharge time for the indoraptor lv10?

Something near 24hrs. Mine are still 4hrs left. Next time I use one I will let you know.


thanks. As I deduced, it is not worth just exchanging my 12 hour indominus for indoraptors.

The Indominus at level 40 should have a longer cool down than the Indoraptor especially at level 1. You shouldn’t compare the two unless you are comparing them at identical ferocities, and at identical ferocities the Indoraptor has a quicker cooldown. Yes the lvl 10 Indoraptor has a 24 hr cooldown.

@Mary_Jo can you post some screen shots of your top 4-6 rows of Jurassics?

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yes, but i compare it to the indominus lv20, no lv30 or lv40 is needed to stay in the league 1% of tournaments.
in mathematics 4 indominus lv20 is worth more than 1 lv40.
Based on tournaments I don’t think it’s worth the indoraptor.

And that’s why this discussion is necessary. @Mary_Jo and I and presumably others are in the position of having great tournament lineups. We’re deep enough and balanced enough that we can easily complete a given days PVE and finish as high as we care to in tournaments. And we would like to work toward that goal of having an Indoraptor without wrecking everything else

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Here are my creatures, level 20 VIP plus. I went down that low, because to advance, I’ll have to fuse them. I was thinking of maintaining three copies of each VIP at level 20 for tournament purposes.

Edited to remove Cenozoic creatures


For each of us the day will come where we need to do the next step in the game, at least if we want to make new experiences.
Mine will be to evolve my 12 lvl 10 Indoraptors to the next level. This will come much earlier as I expected because I bought more than 20k of Velociraptor SDNA last week.


I agree with @Tommi.

For me I don’t see the point of collecting all these creatures unless I am going to make all that I can.

So many people finish so very high in the tournaments. I always manage to get through ok but I just cant finish so high. My line ups have more ferocity which means that I have a high chance of meeting something nasty and my cool downs take longer. My higher level stuff is not as numerous as I would prefer but I am happy with that. I think that from what @Mary_Jo Mary has said previously then maybe a Lev 1 should be ok but possibly make it having in mind that some of the other dinos, which have been kept back at lower levels, will just have to be unleashed.


@Andy_wan_kenobi I hate to ask but can you swap out the pictures above with just Jurassic (remove the Cenozoics)?

Here’s my current Jurassics, down to where it starts hitting my lvl 20 VIPs, most of which I have 2-3 of (4 apatos). My next move up will be making the lvl 30 I-Rex obviously, kind of held up on that with 2 weeks of spending my DNA on sDNA packs!

Sorry about that, I’ll get right on it

Edit: done

What @Badgerzzz describes is kind of what I am trying to avoid. Now, I am in the position of being able to wait until I’ve got DBs saved up to get my Indos all hatched at the same time, so I’m assuming I don’t need to worry over-much about having a lot of carnivores to match her in that case… but definitely will need the other classes to balance them, particularly for the class-specific events. I’m in no BIG rush, particularly since my game right now is in such a good place in terms of everything being doable, easily finishing tournaments and not having to worry about which dinos I won’t be able to use again for a whole day, etc. But I definitely am getting eager to get to the next level.

We definitely seem to be very close in our lineups… I just have started to level up all those lvl 20 VIPs just a bit more, particularly once I would get 4 copies of any particular one.

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Tonight or tomorrow I will do a deep dive on your lineups to detail out what it might look like.


Much appreciated

I think I will check in on this thread regularly as I progress over the next several months and maybe @Andy_wan_kenobi can do the same, so we can use our games as examples for other players that come along in the same situation. It seems like in the past players added the Indo pretty quickly in comparison to the more methodical, careful slow progression we seem to be using now, having learned from other players that came before us. I definitely would LOVE to get that mission I’ve been stuck on for months unlocked too, which requires getting a lvl 31 I-Rex (or Indoraptor). But need to get to the level 30’s first!

@Andy_wan_kenobi - Checking out your lineups… I am SO jealous of all those Eolambias! That is one elusive one for me (and just missed being able to get one in the TH this weekend, when I was a bit short on the needed LPs, having just used them to get enough for my next level 21+ Eudi).

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