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Preparing for the Indorator

Don’t be too mad as I’ve got another level 20 cooking. Matching an Eolambia and a Prestosuchus with a meat shield has been a very dangerous combination for me

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We all adjust to what we have the numbers for I guess. My herbivore-amphi-carnivore and carnivore-ptero-carnivore lineups are pretty deadly too. I do love that one level 26 Eolambia that I’ve got now though, he’s a mainstay in my daily PvE and infinity battles.

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I find the tourneys easy to finish somewhere in dominator. Today I didn’t play and stayed on over 1600 points. The bit I have not yet recovered from is the daily events which, as you know, Ludia made harder by increasing the amount of rounds and made the event times shorter. I had already made my first indi before those changes. So much of my stuff has 24 hr recovery times so unless I want to spend bucks I cant do them. I am gradually increasing my line ups to counter act this but it does take time. I think you would hate being in my position so you are right to make sure before you go ahead. I think your line ups are not as deep as I had imagined them to be and I would probably make more of your best stuff before going ahead. I actually feel the cool down times are pretty harsh. A lot of effort and resource is put into making the things and then you only get to use them once every 24 hours. If @Tommi goes above lev 10 I guess we will find out the horrendous recovery times that he gets.


At lvl 10 they have 24 hours cooldown.
I’ve got 12 of them and only need between 3 and 5 per day and I don’t think that an Indoraptor between lvl 11 and 13 (or 14) will have a significant longer cooldown.
I’m not planning to bring any of them to lvl 20 before I got a flock of lvl 30 (or higher) Segnosuchus, Gorgosuchus and Metriaphodons.


Yes, flocks are the way forward.

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Oh I agree, I know that I still have a ways to go before I can add the Indos and not be totally miserable. I’ve not even been playing a full year yet, and I basically have to get a solid lineup that is successful with my I-Rexes moved up past level 20 and more of the tournament hybrids added so I can get them up to level 20s before I can really start thinking more seriously about it. That’s why I see this thread as more of an ongoing conversation that we can add to over the next several months.

You are right that the changes to the PvEs make it much harder than before when you typically had 2-3 days for each event and fewer rounds to do. That change alone has made the need for a MUCH deeper bench than before really important.

We do have a pretty good idea of what recovery times on the 11+ Indo will be… remember that we do have estimates on the dino data spreadsheet for those. I don’t have the health and attack for a lvl 11 to figure it out for sure, but it’d be probably somewhere around 30 hours. A level 20 shows an estimate of 33 hours.

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Superhybrids have totally different figures after evolving them from lvl 10 to 11 (or 20 to 21…) as normal creatures. Ferocity of a lvl 11 Indoraptor is only 0.86% higher than a lvl 10. I think its cooldown is not longer than 26 hours.

That low? I know it is not the typical almost doubling of the time, but thought it would be a bit more than that. I would check if I had the stats, but even the Fandom site doesn’t go higher than 10 on the Indo. But yeah, not as big a jump either way from the 24 hours that people seem to think it would be.

No translation but I think it is self explaining.


Okay, with that data I was able to plug it into the CD formula and does look like it’s quite a small jump… only goes up to 25.5 hours.

This is where I’ve been at as well for the last couple months. I’m looking at an 11% jump in ferocity to a level 1 indo raptor. I just simply have not gone for it yet. As you can see I have the resources to make a dozen indoraptors almost immediately.

My top line up, not showing all 7 indominus and 8 gorgosuchus.


Wow, yeah I would think you’d be pretty close to being able to add them safely, surprised you haven’t made the jump with teams like that. Do you still have a lot of lvl 20 VIPs and comparable hybrids for tournaments?

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Mary_jo i had the same question some time ago and i made indoraptor even though none of my other dinos are at the same ferocity level. I am just a little slow in hatching them all (one is hathing and 7 more can be hatched)


But the conclusion is that with 2 indoraptors i didn’t get into any troubles completing any pve event and i usually don’t even need to use them to complete them. So I would definitely go for them.


I have a few maybe.

Might sound odd, but I keep wanting to get to a point where indoraptor at level 1 is not my strongest dino.


And to follow that up,

I think I finished this last tournament in hunter league. Just didn’t have the time to play recently due to life stuff and a fishing tournament. I like having a deep bench and prefer a shorter cooldown. I don’t think I have anything with a greater than 22hr cooldown now.


LOL, yeah that’s about what I kind of want to have before I make them… although not sure I would hold off quite as long as you have! I know you’ve been playing considerably longer than me as well. I’m still debating whether to keep paying for the VIP membership when my renewal finally rolls around… kind of torn between needing the benefit of double LP points to get here sooner and not wanting to keep paying Ludia when they refuse to fix the CT bug.

I started on September 22 of 2018!

I started another game on a tablet a month ago, which I don’t have a VIP membership on. You will miss the perks of VIP in loyalty points, less resources in the mystery packs, less in daily missions, less DNA from the building, less VIP events… loyalty points come in about a third the rate. The mystery packs actually have a bunch of good stuff in them, especially for newer players.

Forgot, you also miss the VIP prize drop too. That’s another VIP creature a week if you play it.

That sounds about right… I had estimated it would take me about another 6 months to get to where I foresaw needing to be for adding the Indos, and that’s almost exactly 6 months before I started playing.

Yeah, I know not having the membership will hurt a lot. It’s not whether it’s still worth it, but just the principle of the thing. There is NO EXCUSE for them not having fixed that bug months ago, and I hate to reward them for having so little respect for their paying customers by continuing to pay for the membership until they do fix it. More likely, I might just take a break from the game rather than having to get used to not having it.

You can survive without vip. It is just a lot slower to get anywhere.

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Sure… I’m just not sure I WANT to… at the point I’m in in the game, with that Indoraptor being one of my few remaining big goals and patience not at ALL something I am blessed with. Also since I’ve been playing the game HARD for the year that I’ve had the membership and so a break would be welcome. I’ll probably still keep an eye on it to make sure I pick up any necessary unlocks, but I could use a break anyway so seems like a good way to help myself to step away more.