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Preschool Dinosaur Nerd


How many of you were that kid in preschool who fumbled over anklosaurus and giganotosaurus? How many of you were that kid whose bookshelf was nothing but dinosaur books and wanted to become a paleontologist when you grew up? I know I was.


That wasn’t me but it’s definitely my little brother lol

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I had a friend who wanted to be reincarnated as a stegosaurus when he died.


I was always interested in dinos as a child, and now that I’m 15 I still do

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@Slogokok34 So am I. That’s the whole reason I got this game. So that I could finally “experience” dinosaurs in real life.


I dont remember all that. But i defintiely remember having a ton of dinosaur toys and loving Land before time lol


That just about sums up the 12 year old version of me today…


And favorite animated movie was The Land Before Time? Yes :raising_hand_man:


When i was about 7 I made a teacher mad because she mispronounced Diplodocus and I corrected her and after a couple minute of arguing apparently I said “Its pronounced Diplodocus and anyway its a Brachiosaurus cause it’s got a lump on it’s head and it’s neck is up”. I legit have no memory of this but apparently my parents got called onto the school because I was being rude. They still talk about how funny it was and I’m just like “idk if this is how it happened but sure”


lol that’s was me XD
Back in reception, we were doing about the Loch Ness monster, and the article said; ‘Nessie is a plesiosaur like creature’
My teacher got stuck on the name;

Turned to the class, and said ‘ what is that?’

Everyone looked at me.

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Young, budding paleontologist, reporting in!

SPOILER ALERT: it didn’t happen, but I still somehow ended up working “with” dinos?


Yes- still dinosaurs, through and through!
Hey! This job gives ya real dinos! XD

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