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Present Day Dinos


So I have been seeing a lot of people complaining about the cenozoics being added as they are not from the Jurassic era, however, doesnt this game take place in current day where we actually have the DNA for all these prehistoric creatures? I’m not really seeing how it would be that crazy to have a woolly mammoth and sabertooth tiger running around… I am assuming the scientists would bring back any and all creatures, regardless of era, if they could (which they can in these movies and games) as it would bring visitors to the park* (though I haven’t seen the latest film so I dunno what they do with all the dinos)…

*In this case the park is the game and the scientists are the developers… It seems to me most game developers will ignore source material if they can make a profit and draw more people in.

Although I would have rather of seen the aquatic update first, I think this one will be cool too.

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I think it’s down to two reasons - mainly because they are the ones that I feel strongly about and I think many others do too.

  1. JWA is based on the Jurassic Park/World franchise which means it’s about genetically engineered dinosaurs (and hybrids). Mammoths may also be created the same way but the films are what we are based on here.

  2. Many of us are fans of dinosaurs not prehistoric mammals. We want dinosaurs and prehistoric reptiles.

We’ll just have to see how things play out though.


I guess something’s better than nothing :wink:


What about some tiger on tiger action :wink::wink:
or should I say, Smilodon :grinning:


I wouldn’t go so far as to say I have a big issue with all this but my reasoning for feeling put off by it is fairly straightforward. There really wouldn’t be much a Smilodon could do versus a T-Rex, it literally would have zero chance of winning. While we’re at it a woolly mammoth would be a pretty easy target for a T-Rex as well and I know people will point out the Gallimimus in the game but an ostrich can kick a lion to death and a Gallimimus is significantly larger than an ostrich. In the game a Gallimimus really doesn’t have much chance against a T-Rex either but at least you can see a little bit where a 20 foot long Gallimimus could deal some damage on its way out the door how is a 400-pound cat going to take on an 8 ton dinosaur

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Technically gallimus can kill a rex if rng favors it.


Yes, even though the concept seems ludicrous, any dinosaur in this game can beat any other dinosaur but the idea that a 400-pound cat could be the Tyrannosaurus Rex is just silly on another level


My hope is like jwtg they get their own arena…