Presistent ferocious strike NEEDS a rework

Ok, seriously. Why is there a move which can basically give you a impact turn 1 and then a rampage if you keep spamming it? Not to mention creatures with this move has 1400-1500 DMG. I personally feel like the mammoth and her two hybrids needs to loose the ability. But first thing’s first, let’s talk about the effects on this move.

Presistent ferocious strike:
Deals 1.5x damage for this turn and increase damage by 50% for the next turn.

So basically ferocious strike but it lasts for only the current turn and the next turn and it has no cool down while ferocious strike itself lasts for the current turn and the next two turns with cool down 3.

All 3 of the creatures listed above (Woolly Mammoth, Entelomoth, and Mammotherium) have this ability and yet they have 1400-1500 DMG and yet a 2x move. These mammals really need to loose it because dealing 4200-4500 in 1 turn is crazy. So maybe to balance them out maybe reduce the ferocity to 25%? Obviously we don’t need to reduce the damage of the creatures themselves since well, it’s affecting the creature but not the move.

So Ludia, for the next patch, maybe reduce the ferocity of Presistent ferocious strike or maybe you can have the ferocity last for only the turn it will be used on.


The only problem I have with this is that the “Ferocious Strike” lasts two more turns and “Persistent Feroucious Strike” lasts only one… I mean, the names should be swapped! x)

Besides that, yes it’s strong, but it doesn’t make its users that OP. We can see that on Skill tourneys. Only Entelomoth is strong above average, but mostly because of MF, not PFS.

I do have to say though, that these basic moves are becoming stronger and stronger by the day… Some dinos with just the basic “Strike” could get some love regarding basic moves


Just lower their base damage. I did propose a Mammoth stat change earlier.


Ya it’s mostly that cat that they have 1.5 attack

Like if they all had 900-1000 ya no it’s not op

Is this the new thing to complain about?

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I guess :joy: although I don’t think it’s the moves but the stats

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Like @Arnold said not the move it’s the creature

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I don’t see a problem with the move, it’s the creatures with this move that should lose damage

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I was actually thinking about stuff like that. Like… Should Spinotasuchus get rid of her basic strike attack and adopt another move similar to her parents? Defense Shattering Strike? Cleansing Strike? PERSISTENT FEROCIOUS STRIKE?!

lol I kid.

But seriously. I was wondering about that.

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Distraction would probably be best. Makes sense for a bleeder.

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It would. Lower the attack before laying the bleed down or the crit down. Would make her very powerful, and maybe more viable as a dinosaur again. Not saying that she isn’t, but I’ve rarely seen her as of late. I’ve seen about two Spinotasuchus, and they were barely boosted, of even at all.

But that also makes me think… Should the game just say that all hybrids don’t get basic strikes? Like a vanilla strike. The pure dinos can have them, but the hybrids? Naw.

Should that be a thing?

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Some gimmicky hybrids could probably work with a vanilla Strike. Like how for the most part Erlidom’s moveset is the same as Erliko’s.

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I though exactly that lol
For me spinotah needs basic move distraction from raptor ancestry and swap in definite strike from kapro

Agreed. I think hybrids shouldn’t have the vanilla strike, that’s too boring.