Press the button?

a. dont do it… hes just a dodge chicken.
b. do it… with the upcoming bleeder meta, hes going to be very usefull.
c. dont do it… he may be used for a future unique.
d. do it… hes a great fighter even without dodge.
e. dont do it… he will be nerfed.


Never. Send that dodge chicken to the oven!


Created it a few weeks ago . Never used or upgraded it much prefer the monosegatops

Go for it.

I love using mine to wipe out strike towers without having to swap dinos.


I day wait at least a day or two to see of we get patch notes.

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edited original post^^^

Combo of c/e. Will get dilo treatment.


Was just gonna comment the same thing


F to pay respects.
(d - I love the funky chicken)

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G: All of the above

First person I’ve heard say this, I don’t have monomimus yet, currently 120 out of 200, I have a level 17 monostegotops. She’s helped me out quite a bit in battles, I’m also sitting on 600 monolophosaurus dna, don’t know whether to carry on creating the chicken

Can’t remember the exact amount but think my monosegatops is around 18-19 and probably just a personal thing but I just don’t rate the monochicken I’ve faced it a lot and beaten it with stego or the monosegatops. Think my problem with it is it relies too much on luck/rng and I hate relying on luck as much as possible


i dont rely on the cloak but it is nice to have it

As I said just a personal thing why I don’t like it. if that was me I would have swapped to stego and cleansed pretty much every time unless I think you’re distraction is used up then hit you with armour piercing and hoped it got through you’re dodge. On a separate note you’re in the ruins with that pack ? I really hope I never face you or I’m going to look very stupid

I know what your saying and I agree, I’ve taken the chicken out with mono quite a few times, think I might just carry on for the chicken just so I have it if you know what I mean

Yeah I’m the same I wasted dna opening it because I want as many unlocked as possible but once it was open i left it alone and concentrated on the monosegatops

definately not a waste of dna. the warbird is an awesome addition. has won more battles then my level 21 monostego.

Hey if we all went for the same team strats it would be a boring game I’m good with us all having different tastes when it comes to team line up