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Pretty decent day

Got two Mega Deer and Woolly Rhino. The deer surprised me to be honest. Wasn’t expecting to see them out and about.

Battling…ggrrr Crits.?? Does ludia not like me anymore? Crits are very foreign to my dinos. Maximus, 30% crit but maybe only does one if I’m lucky before its taken out. I’m always facing Magna with 20% crit and wham bam one after another destroying my team. It’s like the Stegod epidemic from last year where it was crushing teams with endless crits and only had 5% chance. Tryko is the same, opponents tryko crits me to death and I have to beg mine to crit even once. It’s sad I have to grovel to a pixilated dino asking it to please crit for me.

Ludia really needs to verify the crit rates are accurate for the dinos. It’s not some random fluke either. It’s been this way for me for a few weeks now. Yes it’s been known to go in cycles where crits are rare but this has been going on for too long. Same with stuns. I think it was TheMaxx who raised some cain a few months back because the stun rates were horrible and they adjusted them. They really need to check all their settings because something isn’t right.

I get critted a whole lot lol. Especially by mega thors. I’m a crit magnet but I don’t seem to put out as many crits as I get hit by heh. Not just Thoratolo though. Magnas are critting twice on me Maxima always crits when it needs it. And of course Tryko does too lol.

My Para crit some poor tryko three times in a row. :rofl:

Crit rates have always been complained about. However people need to realize that a 30% CHANCE doesn’t mean that it happens 30% of the time. A random number is drawn when the attack is selected, if that number is 1-30, it will crit. It’s just RNG.