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Pretty much fed up for now - it's just not fun anymore

I was battling earlier and I swapped to quetzorion - swap in dodge, right? Well, their erlidom, which had cloak going got a crit and my guaranteed dodge was smacked with 3999 in damage. Some dodge. Boosts have gotten so out of hand it isn’t even funny, and while there may be a fix on the way, “sometime before 2020” is not encouraging. Then there are the ridiculous creatures that boosts give rise to… not to mention the swap in damagers. I find myself playing out of habit, and not really trying too much.

My creature with 30% crit? Not a one on 7 opportunities. Their creature with 5%? Twice in a row.

Have my opponent right where I want them? The attack buttons don’t work - if they even show up.

Same creatures, same crap - and the only ones I really want to make are unavailable since the DNA is locked away in events or incubators.

Is there a point anymore? I’m not sure.


my biggest problem right now in pvp is that dodge almost never work for me anymore, especially not with cloak… like 95% of the time when i go for cloak i almost always get hit twice in a row, same with evasive stance, almost thought dodge had stopped working for me completely until i got that 1 dodge with indoraptor earlier today, or using kelenken in tournament

Dodge really needs to go back to how it was before the nerf.


Maybe time for a break Tuco?

Do you remember Indoraptor dodging 3 in a row? Or Monomimus doing the same? And imagine Yoshi if it dodged 3 in a row and received no damage at all!

Take a day or two off and think about how annoying the game was when the dodge did just that and ridiculous matches were even worse than the ones you had.


I had the same problem with Quetzerion, it says 100% dodge When swamp . And it’s not like that.

That’s when I played things like monostego when it had nullify. Now it’s magna, max, quetz, and probably some others I’m forgetting. Plenty of nullifiers - and precise hitters. Dodges never bothered me. What bothers me is a “dodge” that isn’t.


I had the daily challenge of 12/12 battles 4 times this week I think now it’s been at least 3 times, and have been ratted in nearly every single match if I were to round it out I’de say ratted in 33/36 matches and when I wasn’t rat was on there team just not drawn. I’m serious even when I win it’s getting old, that’s not fun. I think I should put a review on the play store about mascot cashcow dinos that will ruin your experience if you don’t use these easy to get creatures too.

Imo dodge is just off and on and can’t be relied on much… But yeah Magna, Max, and Orion are great counters to dodge/cloaking. Sometimes it will work, a lot of times it won’t. It’s so bad when the opponent gets like 3 crits a working stun and working dodge all in one match and you get nothing lol. I’d rather deal with this rng over an expected rat swap in and a late procerat entrance after you deal with rat and Thor.

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Swap in dodge really, really needs to be at least 90% avoidance. I said in another topic, but:

Invincibility: 100%
Distraction: 90%
Dodge: 66%

That’s… Far too much of a difference when they all have the same amount of counters.

It’s 100% that it will work, but the dodge will still take 33% of damage.

I totally agree. It needs to go back to the way it was before the nerfing. The nerfing robbed a lot of dinos identity like Indo and Indom

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I’m in the same shoes. 1/3 damage received most of the time is too high for a speedster. But to be honest, I see fewer complaints about the dodge nerf than complaints about dodge RNG before it. If I may say, the dodge nerf is the lesser of two evils to the other dodging 99 times in a row. Still, I agree the dodged damage is still a little too much, possibly more ideal to make it 1/4 or 1/5?
Edit: I’ve been thinking a 2nd option too. If the damage is dodged successfully, the effect with it shall be also dodged. (Keep the damage deduction as 2/3)

Sounds like the OP needs a hug :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Agree dodge should be changed - we did have a survey about it …

Boosts 2.0 “should” make a big difference … and there are only 2 1/2 months to go before 2020.

Why is the 12 battles a difficult daily challenge for you? All stroke towers count as battles, and if you are an active player, 12 battles is hardly anything. To be honest, if you only battle for incubators… losses will help you get the mission completed faster. This next one doesn’t only apply to you and I mean no disrespect, but I often see players complain about particular Dino’s and losses. I just want to ask, do you guys really feel you should win every match? Do you not have the same opportunity to collect dna to build your team? Do any of you think about the player on the other side and just say to yourself after a loss, we’ll done!?

I apologize in advance if I offended you, but it can be tough to read sometimes when I only see negative comments and complaints. I get that we all think our team should win, or we fail to act when we know a SIA is coming and it cost us some trophies. I offer this to you: just hop back up on that Dino and say to yourself, next time I will just be better! :blush:



The daily missions for 12 battles and/or 6 incubators are possible to do even if you never enter Arena. You just have to ration out the stroke towers and make sure to open at least 3 ,6-hour incubator a day.

If there is a stroke tower out and available for two or three days, do not do it today, save it until tomorrow or the next day. Only do enough to get your missions done, if there is an extra battle or two, save them until daily mission reset. All except the Epic give you 2 or 3 tries to complete them, use them.

Of course, it may depend on when your time zone has the missions reset also. I am in Ludia zone so I can wake up and have a few hours to do yesterday’s towers after my dailies reset.