Pretty please stop with Styg Gen 2


Or give it a buff or hybrid… I know I’ve said it before but this is ridiculous… I can’t even remember seeing them in the wild. Most popular incubator DNA… it’s cute and all but please for the love of Dino please stop…


I second this!!!


I give it a third. I have no use for it, it’s a nuisance common here, along with iguanodon.


Here’s a thought… The game needs a food supply concept, feeding these bottom feeders to carnivores in place of more DNA farming


Yup…and I actually leveled mine up a little for the xp.


You never know when a future hybrid might come along and then you’ll be so pleased to have got so much.


L12 with 21,093 DNAs…:rofl:


Yep, mine is lvl 10 with 27,000 dna left over. Not spending gold on a dino that even if it was 5 levels higher than the real stygy, would still be a worse dinosaur. Would love to see a hybrid between this and triceratops gen 2 which plagues all of the common spawns in zone 3.


Now that’s impressive !!!


level that baby up!


717 in EVERY “defeat 10 incubator” So over it !!!


Same here! I can’t understand why do they give us so much DNA of dinosaurs we don’t level up and Stygimoloch Gen 2 in particular… I would rather want 100-200 from 5 or 6 different dinosaurs to increase chances of getting something useful.


Just like every grinding game, you don’t always get what you need…(or it would get stale pretty fast).

I have 30k of it but it’s ok, I will be happy if it has an hybrid at some point, otherwise I don’t care it doesn’t take space in my bag :joy:


Yeah but it’s annoying when you pay for incubators and still get the same useless crap. xD


Aha incubators are always a kind of gambling (except guaranteed ones but they are not often and not for rarest epics).

I’d rather hunt them and dart the best I can, that way I’m sure of what I get :grinning:


I’d love to sell off these useless dna to a vender for gold.


That was my last purchase. I was checking if they changed their system but it’s the same so no point of paying the money to get them. :slight_smile:


My tip is to only buy coins with cash. You hunt to get the DNA you want then you buy coins to level them up.

I’m only doing this way and it works like a charm. I never bought any incubator yet I have a fairly strong team just by hunting every day and buying coins with cash.

Good luck ! :smile:


It’d be great if Ludia gave it a useful epic/legendary hybrid as compensation for it watering down every incubator we get. At least let us do something useable with this thing


I’d be fine with getting useless DNA every now and then of not every incubator gave the exact same DNA all. The. Time.