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Pretty proud of myself


Level 14. This is my second account as I got supremely bored with my first one that I played since the game was released. Knowing what to create and what to skip has helped.


Cool then can I ask why your T-rex is Lev 23, carbo Lev 21. Cuz they r over fusing Lev.

And what is your dream team plan for this account.


Rex is leveled and boosted to one shot revenge kill swap in junk and leave rampage all ready to go. Carbo is to easily dispatch things like Indo, Erlidom, procera, scorpius’, phorus, etc…

My current project is tragod - a tank with group attack for dodocevia. Stupid flock.

Not sure of the dream team other than rex…

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No I was talking about Trex which is Lev 23

Whats wrong with lvl 23 trex?

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Not everyone wants to have the same boring team with Apex filled up with some SISS and completed by 1 or 2 other dinos.
It’s always nice if you face some uncommon dinos from time to time in PVP.


It’s not a requirement to use all your coin and DNA for endgame creatures, people can play however they want to, it at least adds some diversity to the arena, I myself just want to over level majundaboa and titanoboa, @0rgetorix explained it pretty well


Agree i think people should use what creatures they like.
Also the arena would be dead if people only used meta dinos.


Indeed I wish more players would do it. Instead of apex+mrhino in every match lol.

Love the ankylodic. Wish I could get the dna to keep leveling it

I live next to a big park now, so plenty of doedi to be had! and being job free for the moment, well… nice days to be outside wandering the park.

After carno day tomorrow I’m hoping to have SR2 at 20.

All that dna:(

what are your other dinos