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Pretty tired of Saarvins whole party push plus an all team don't move

I’ve had so many matches where I just can’t move for like 2 or 3 rounds, while being pushed to the back. Can’t skip turns so I just have to sit there for 2 minutes while I just get *. Neat.

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Yeah. Some of these abilities are ridiculous. Worst part is, having a random PvP team, can easily set you up versus a counter squad. Especially when getting a bot, which has all best gear and tends to be a decent if not direct counter lol. But alas. We keep our heads down and play on, for the lust and delusion that is D&D :slight_smile:

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I can understand your pain. :sweat:

The Attack Zone + Disarm always gets me too.

All of the team or zone effects that essentially steal turns are OP. If in 1 turn I can make you skip 3 or more turns there is going to be a significant tactical advantage.
The other OP aspect is who gets healing, especially the Cleric. I’d love to see data on percentage of matches (with character levels evenly matched) with one team having Halbernet and the other having neither him nor the Bard. I’d imagine it’s close to 70% win rate which is way too high of an advantage in win expectation.

Plenty of ways to counter it

Not really, it depends on the comp the computer assigns you. There are squads that you know you’re gonna lose, unless the opponent makes many mistakes or RNGesus favors you.

Try beating a team down to Halbernet, and then he casts regenerate as the last character. He gains health every round while still being able to attack.

I don’t like the knockback, but I don’t mind it too much. You shouldn’t have an all melee team most of the time anyways so just sit back and make them come to you.

I think regenerate is overpowered. I think the moves that give a character two or more attacks for each basic attack is overpowered. For the most part though the other stuff can be overcome usually. Those two though can be tough to overcome.