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Pretty underwhelmed by Tropeogopterus. Is it even worth it to continue to level up

So i made Tropeogopterus a few days ago thinking it would really help boost my pterasaurs since they are my weakest creature class. I got it to level 20 and I’m very, very underwhelmed considering this is a super rare hybrid

(I’ve underlined Tropeogopterus in red since for clarity because it’s on cooldown)
As you can see, it’s hardly scratched the ferocity of my Dino’s as I was expecting it to

So my real question is;. Is it worth trying to level it?

It’s fairly high in the ferocity of pterasaurs but that’s only because I don’t have any tourney or VIP legendaries.

Should I invest in leveling it or wait until I can get some better Pterasaurs

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Well the tropeogopterus at level 30 is on the same level as a legendary regular at 40 he is stronger than eudimorphodon at level 20…more there are much better pterosaurs to invest :+1:


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Ok, I’ll keep levelling it until I get something that is noticeably better. Was probably just comparing it to Superanotitan who at level 11 has the 2nd best ferocity in my team

It’s an extremely weak creature in the grand scheme of things. I am not sure if it was nerfed at some point but it is out of balance in terms of the Super Rare Hybrid classifications. The only reason I have the ones I do is because of two things, one it is a frequent prize in the Coins —> Jurassic custom trades, two at a point in the past we used to have Super Rare only events and as the only Super Rare Hybrid flyer it was needed when going up against made up opponents from the computer that were Amphibians that were past the level 40 caps of its counterpart.


I have 6 units of it but I would need two more to make the maximum level … and I will not spend merging and buying the last…

I agree, it is a weak hybrid.

I have one at level 30 because it was my first bird hybrid and I needed something.

I haven’t made another since.


Tapejalosaurus is a much better option.


Yeah, it was nerfed very badly back then. Used to be better than Carnoraptor and costing 7,100 DNA, you can see why Ludia nerfed it and buffed Suchoripterus.

Would anyone know the statistics before being nerfed??

I think most people have at least one because it’s a super hybrid Pterosaur. I have two level (level 30 and 29). I was going to make a level 40 for a mission, but it was not needed and would have unbalanced my lineup then. Then once I was able to make Tapejalosaurus, there wasn’t really a need to make any more Tropeogopterus. As you can see, Tapejalosaurus at level 21 has more health and almost as much attack as a level 30 Tropeogopterus.


I made a bunch for super-rare only events. They were also a common “prize” when I was doing coin for Jurassic trades. Under normal circumstances, they don’t get used very often

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2492 health

952 attack

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Suchoripterus was really weak earlier though, Suchoripterus used to have really bad stats(it still does to be honest)

I don’t even know why the tropeogopterus was nerfed for me it should be almost the same level as the spinoraptor :anguished:

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True,there is no reason for the nerf.

Mostly just a coin producer for me now…

The stats aren’t terrible but they aren’t good either, in a pinch they are okay but when a Rare hybrid out classes you in every way like the tapj does you just get stuck on the bench most of the time.


This one has been a pretty bad Super Rare hybrid for as long as I can remember. I was actually wondering whether or not to bother fusing it.

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So from what I’ve seen here, I think I’ll keep using it till I get something better (probably Suchoripterus or even a tourney legendary)

I’ll just by them on discount days since whilst I’ve increased my coin production, it’s nowhere near enough to get one from a trade

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I have a Suchoripterus level twenty,it equals a level 10 Indominus Rex Gen Two