Pretty unfair lol


I was at 2995 trophies and this is what i faced…is not the first time i faced an indominus…but a lvl 20 one…omg


Whoa, you made it to just shy of 3K on level 11-14? I’m impressed! :slight_smile: I’m at 2400 and some of my team just got leveled to 15, but the battles are fierce.

Yeah, that Indominus might as well be named Gandalf for all the amount of "YOU SHALL NOT PASS"ing it’ll be doing at level 20. Good luck! :wink:


Congrats on making it that far lol. I met an InDom today myself at 2300 trophies. A lvl 16 Totally wiped my team out. I wish they would just name the trophy gatekeeper bot Gandalf. We would just quit when we see it.


Tbh it wasn’t that hard getting here, the problem for me is the coins…I don’t have enough to level my dinos :confused:


Ahahah also there is a lot of people that got lucky and got him from the 5000 bucks incubator and you can find them everywhere since there is no lvl requirement and a lvl1 can get a legendary right away


Nice job making it so far! It sucks to go up against a strong indominus but only the best face the strongest foes! :smiley:


Welcome to pay to win game :slight_smile:


Seems you fought a boot, you can recognize boot because all their Dino will be at the same level and very strong!


I already knew how bot works in this game, but he had lvl 20 indom and some other random dinos but still pretty high lvl 16/18 so it wasn’t a bot


I read matching is based on how many trophies you have rather than dino level. This means two things…

  1. If you rise the ranks to early you will get some very tough fights.
  2. The people who have paid (to win) for legendary dinos will have a huge advantage early on leading to severely unbalanced fights.

I’m all about the grind, not paying. However i am finish a massive lack of cash.

Also, i can’t help but feel like you shouldn’t be able to just straight up buy a legendary or above dino, they should be an achievement to work toward.


*finding i have a massive lack of cash…


Well with this kinda games they need paying people to keep the game running i guess. Myself as example i use VIP but not buying the big ones, i want to “ern” them.


Yeah i accept every thing you are saying, and also the only thing that is kinda making me bored is the fact that I literally don’t have any coin to evolve my Dinos…and this is keeping me behind every day more and more


I feel u I had to fight a team of all epics and legends and I only had one of my epics


IT happened to me too, im lv8 at 2700Tr ans found a lv18 Indominus and a lv16 Rajankylosaurus. Still managed to beat someone with a lv16 indominus a few moments ago. Pretty satisfying tbh

Probably a consequence of the 50 bucks incubator (Nevers spent a penny in this game)


Yeah…against indominus is 100% luck…if you miss one of the 2 attacks you lose at least one dino


Indo used to be beaten ‘easily’ or as how i rather call it; outplayed. They gave it immunity so you can’t remove a positive effect; in other words remove cloak. They mysteriously buffed him in a hidden patch unfortunately. Also something i’d love to address they should stop doing, pretty annoying. You can only outsmart it with one move now; “long invincibility”. This doesn’t save you either the indo can just swap and wait for cloak CD. Happens regularily, similar like raptors. Unless you can 1 or 2 shot it or your opponent isn’t smart enough to swap it out you’ll never win unless you get lucky hits off in cloak.

With all the recent rex incubators players increased it’s level immensly; level 20 indos will become daily reality lol.

I daily fight legendary and epic decks with just one epic and all rares in top 500. Currently 214. Definitely challenging but at some point you can’t follow because of incubator overload or gold coin shortages.


Yeah I know indom can be annoying…I’m in 2800-3000 trophy range and for now I faced 4/5 indom, I think I won only once


I’m beginning to think this is more true than I thought. Four times now I’ve been at over 2970 trophies, in need of just one victory for arena 7, and every time I’m there, I’m faced with high level opponents (over 17) with only epics and legendaries. My team of average level 13 or even less can’t deal with that. Last time was this morning, I faced a level 18 velociraptor (without raptor counters in my team) and then a level 17 allosinosaurus. She was basically saying you shall not pass :sob:


Same here you don’t know how many times I’ve got to 2980~ trophies and then I lost 2/3 battles and got back to 2900, yeah my team kinda sucks but now is getting me angry, all those bots lvl 20-22 have the most arritating stuff