Preview/attack bug for in game battle

Okay so velociraptor has a damage for level 22 of 1086, if you use pounce that’s 2172, that should do lots of damage, well just had a match against a ultaraptor which was a level 19 and had a hp of somewhere in the 1900s and it wasn’t going to get taken out which it should when it has no armor so not seeing how it didn’t get taken out by a 2172 hit, when I would do the preview for the attack damage, it showed it having health at around 300, does anyone have this issue because it costed me the game


I just noticed something like that where my stegodeus does like 880 damage and the opponent had 700 health and it showed me as not killing him…

But I did the attack any way and it killed him… minor bug maybe

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Possibly, I didn’t do the attack because I didn’t know if it would kill it or not and I didn’t want to lose him

Hey XxBlueN1njaXx, was your raptor affected by any damage reducing effects? If not, this could be a visual issue, and our team would like to investigate further. Reach out to our staff at with your support key and more information on the match so they can take a look. If it’s possible, try and grab a screenshot of the issue, it’ll be really useful for the investigation.

Hi Ned, happened to me also and my Dino hadn’t been struck before so had no reductions… bug I believe

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Hey carlsberglewis, I have notified our team, and they’ll be keeping an eye out for it. Our team would like to gather some information so they can investigate the issue further. If this happens again on any other dinos, reach out to our staff here at

Velociraptor did not get a speed reduction, it’s just a bug probably

I just had a battle where both my opponent and I had our dinos out with no buffs or debuffs on either one. When I held an attack button it showed the health bar of the opponent drop to zero, but it did not actually take the dino down. In fact, it left a little over 500 health.

My monomimus out against a trag. I’m not sure if:

The health preview was inaccurate
The armor wasn’t accounted for
Or if I didn’t do 1.5 damage on my nullifying impact.

It’s due to the fact that armor or shields are no longer taken into calculation account.

Well for me the preview was inaccurate, there was no armor or shield on the ultaraptor so I think I could have one shoted it but I didn’t because o was judging off of the preview,

Happen to a few of my fights. Looked like a I had a kill in the bag several times and bam… they survived with hundreds more HP than attack preview… urgh

Same issue, my Stegodeus against opponent Monostegotops. When I used the damage preview, it showed the mono at 0 health, but when I attacked, he still had 60 left. No damage reduction, obviously no shields.

Another battle, used a Pounce against Stegoceratops. Preview predicted way more damage than it can actually do.

I thought I was not paying attention but I also experienced a similar thing with one of my battles (Stegodeus against opponent Monostegotops), last attack should have taken it down (based on preview) but it left 60 hp. :expressionless:

Someone done hecked up our preview

Bug Description:
Lvl 15 Pyroraptor versus lvl 16(I think?) Tragodistis… The damage preview (holding down over my attack) showed that Strike would put the Trago at 0. Turns out left him at around 50 HP (and then I died of course).

Area is was found in:
Sorna Marshes

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Tragodistis killed my second dinosaur with about 500 HP remaining. (Sorry, I don’t remember exactly how much).
Step 2 - Brought in Pyroraptor, full HP with all attacks ready to use. Hovered over Strike, saw it would kill it, so I used that. Only Strike didn’t kill it like the display said it would.

How often does it happen:

What type of device are you using:

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I experienced almost an identical situation. Utah vs Trago

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Look before you post lol I posted the 1st mention of this bug

In all fairness the mobile version of this site isn’t really conducive to that type of usage.

Ive lost 2 matches in a row because the game is telling me that im going to do more damage than i actually do. Its down to our last dinosaurs, ill go first, when i check the damage ill do, it shows ill kill them, then it doesnt kill them and they kill me. its pretty frustrating. ive seen others report this too.

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Doesn’t Count armor or shield, decrease of attack etc