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Look. I know that this has come up in a different topic somewhere, but when I was watching one of Beaver’s videos, I saw that there was a tournament during the video’s time. As you can see in the pic, its Kentrosaurus, Aerotitan, Eryops and a mystery dino. And like 3 to 4 weeks ago, I saw that the pack Kentrosaurus, Aerotitan, Eryops and something else, which makes me believe that there will soon be 2 new hybrids in the game.


Possibly, but this graphic was part of a month long challenge in October 2019. The missing creature was Scaphognathus. You needed each of the four creatures to participate in the final event. So Ludia sold a pack containing the required creatures

Edit: these were the requirements for the original Gen 2 Fury event

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