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Previous season unclaimed prizes

I logged into the app today and was presented with a “Previous Season” dialog that wants me to add unclaimed prizes from last season to my inventory. Apparently, I can’t play the game without clicking the “Confirm” button.

Is there a way to get past this dialog WITHOUT adding these items to my inventory?

I chose to not claim those prizes during the season because I didn’t want them. I still don’t want them.

lol… what?

The items I don’t want are a new character and her associated card packs.

New characters don’t help me get through the game, and adding their cards to the pool of available drops means the characters I actually play with advance more slowly because their items drop less frequently.

Oh right. I suggest you get used to it because ludia have proved time and again they dont care what their players want

Just thinking through the female heroes since you said her…you’re going to pretty much want all of them if you plan to go into the “late game” on this app. I understand you may not care about long term just yet, and just want to play your way and at your pace. If that’s the case then I’d unfortunately agree with some other sentiments here - you’re stuck with her, and there is a reason Ludia is forcing heroes onto you.

But if you do plan to go into higher level pvp and more of a late game experience for the long haul - then I’ll tell you it would be wise to level whichever hero that is now.

Yeah, I figured, thanks!

I’ve got exactly zero interest in PvP, so if that’s the endgame plan, then best I find out now before I invest any more time or money.

Well they did just add even more new content, and if you’re still newer, you definitely have a very long way to go until you get there. You don’t have to do PvP, it’s just many folks consider it “end game”, those that are extremely high levels and have already cleared the explore modes and such.

All it means though is that yes, you are pretty much stuck with the new character.

I’ve been playing for a while, my mains are all level 14 and the rest are in the 11-13 range.

It’s been very grindy lately, and the way it’s going it’ll be weeks of challenges before I can make any additional progress in explore mode, and months before level 15.

It was fun while it lasted, but this pushes it over the edge for me to “waste of time”.

Appreciate your perspective. Cheers!