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Will Price is Right Slots be updated to be compatible with iOS 12?

Hey Dave201990, I have notified our team about this, but for now, the game will remain compatible only for iOS 10 and below.

I upgraded my phone less than a month ago and am using iOS 12. I recently installed price is right bingo and price is right slots. price is right bingo worked fine for a couple of days, now the app crashes every time I try to play it. If the problem is tpir bingo isn’t compatible w/iOS 12 I don’t understand how I was able to play it for 2 days then it starts crashing.

Hey Paula_Wilson, I’m sorry if you’re having crashing issues with the game, but as the game is only compatible with devices running iOS 10 or below, playing on a newer iOS version may cause these type of issues. If it’s possible, we recommend playing on a different device with a compatible OS.